24 thoughts on “Ex-Tony Blair minister helps illegal logging

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  13. Dear Friend,

    An alarming new Al Jazeera documentary exposes how illegal loggers are destroying the Amazon rainforest and threatening the species that call it home.

    The documentary shows how that timber has made its way to the United States. Without decisive government action, those profiteering off the destruction of the Amazon rainforest won’t be punished and timber taken illegally from the Amazon rainforest could accidentally wind up in your home.

    The Lacey Act is designed to combat illegal logging at home and abroad, making it a crime to import illegally-harvested wood.

    Tell key U.S. decision makers to fully enforce the Lacey Act and hold importers of illegal timber accountable!

    Closer to home, the Lacey Act also protects the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Earlier this year, the Department of Justice announced its prosecution of four individuals accused of harvesting wood from Washington’s Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

    We know that U.S. leadership can have a global impact, but the case of Amazon rainforest shows how much more must be done. Despite widespread evidence of illegal logging in South America, the U.S. hasn’t taken action to enforce the Lacey Act to its fullest.

    Tell the key U.S. decision makers — Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack — to hold those profiteering off of illegal logging accountable!

    With your help, we can ensure the U.S. takes a lead role in combating destructive illegal logging.


    Jesse Prentice-Dunn
    Sierra Club


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