8 thoughts on “Italy, Spain and the European Union

  1. You have to blame someone for the troubles, so why not EU. They wont mind. They have got used to it. It is part of their job to take the blame and keep Europe together. Remeber united we may stand, divided we fall and if we do so we will fall very deep.


    • The problem is deeper than the European Union. It is 21st century capitalism, aka imperialism. A European Union imposing Thatcherite capitalism, austerity, anti refugee measures and militarism is definitely part of that problem. Unity between the 1% exploiters and 99% exploited is fake unity; which can in the long run only be imposed by repression.


  2. Strike by Spanish steel workers continues

    Action by steelworkers at the Megasa steel plant in Zaragoza in northeast Spain continues. The members of the CCOO union began a two-hour-a-day strike in January of this year, leading to a 25 percent drop in production.

    Around 1,000 staff are employed at the plant, which produces merchant bars. The workers are protesting the takeover of the plant that was formerly owned by Arcelor Mittal in 2016. The new owners plan to cut pay and increase working hours.



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