British poor get poorer, Mandelson gets richer

This video is called POVERTY IN ENGLAND.

More economic crisis news today.

Two million Britons on the dole by Christmas: here.

British council salaries hit by bank collapses: here.

Peter Mandelson, the new Business Secretary, is in line for a £1m pay-off and pension package from Brussels after serving just four years as Britain’s European Commissioner, The Observer can reveal: here. See also here.

As the recession begins to bite, the determined socialite will not necessarily be forced to give up on champagne and canapés, as Rachel Shields reports: here.

A guide to the Wall Street meltdown: here.

See also here.

Mandelson in 2015: here.

31 thoughts on “British poor get poorer, Mandelson gets richer

  1. Mandelson takes seat in the Lords

    Peter Mandelson is robed in the House of Lords

    Published Date: 13 October 2008

    Business Secretary Peter Mandelson took his seat in the House of Lords following his appointment to the Cabinet by Gordon Brown.
    Baron Mandelson of Foy in the county of Herefordshire and Hartlepool in the county of Durham – who will be known simply as Lord Mandelson – wore the traditional ermine-lined scarlet robes as he swore allegiance to the Queen in a short ceremony of induction.

    New peers are flanked by two supporters when they take their seat and Mr Mandelson choose Labour former Lords Leader Baroness Jay of Paddington and Labour former Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer of Thoroton.

    Mr Mandelson, who twice resigned from Tony Blair’s Cabinet, was surprisingly brought back by Mr Brown in his reshuffle this month.

    The former Hartlepool MP was recalled from his position as EU Trade Commissioner to take charge of the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform and also to sit on the National Economic Council, a body designed by Mr Brown to fight the current global financial chaos.

    Outside Number 10 when he was appointed, the former EU Trade Commissioner joked that it would be “third time lucky” and declared the present financial crisis called for “all hands on deck”.

    The man who is referred to by some as the Prince of Darkness, revealed he had consulted Tony Blair before accepting his job. The former Prime Minister told his friend the decision was a “no-brainer”.

    It signalled the end of a 14-year feud with Gordon Brown and Mr Mandelson said they were both part of the same “Labour family”, adding: “When times get tough, families pull together and that’s what we are doing.”

    Copyright (c) Press Association Ltd. 2008, All Rights Reserved.


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  19. Friday 18th December 2015

    posted by Will Stone in Britain

    PETER MANDELSON was accused yesterday of resorting to “desperate” slurs against Labour’s burgeoning membership after he told a meeting of peers that “real” members are leaving the party.

    Speaking on Wednesday night, the Blairite former cabinet minister claimed 30,000 “long-term members, real members” had given up on Labour.

    However, his claims were not backed up by the party, which has seen a huge resurgence in membership since Jeremy Corbyn became leader.

    Lord Mandelson’s comments were seen as a swipe at new left-wing members, who have joined in support of Mr Corbyn’s drive to bring the party back to its roots.

    The arch-Blairite claimed that the party was now split in two, with Mr Corbyn’s supporters on one side and more “moderate” members on the other.

    Grassroots Labour activist Jon Lansman, who founded Momentum in support of Mr Corbyn, called Lord Mandelson’s outburst “desperate.”

    He told the Star: “What he seems to mean by ‘real members’ is those who do what they’re told.

    “The hundreds of thousands who have joined have done so because they’re enthusiastic about a political alternative to Tory austerity, one that Mandelson doesn’t adhere to.”

    Mr Lansman argued that New Labour had initially attracted a lot of members because people wanted “to get rid of the Tories,” but that this surge of enthusiasm had dwindled after they realised that Blairism was a front for careerists.

    Labour currently has more than 380,000 members, almost double the 200,000 it had before May’s general election.


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  22. Wednesday 2nd March 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Editorial

    TWICE-SACKED ex-Blairite minister Peter Mandelson orders ministers complaining of non-access to government papers, by dint of favouring Britain’s exit from the EU, to stop whinging.

    In his view, they are lucky not to have been sacked for going against ministerial collective responsibility.

    He must know that, when Harold Wilson was Labour prime minister during the only other referendum on membership of what was then the European Economic Community (EEC), ministers campaigning to withdraw were not penalised for their choice.

    Mandelson clearly has in mind the more authoritarian regime of Tony Blair when Cabinet government was observed more in the breach than the observance.

    Ministers were routinely kept in the dark, even denied documents relating to the legality of war preparations, while the favoured in-crowd, including Mandelson, talked matters through with the supreme leader in what was known as sofa government.

    Not even his sponsor Blair could keep Mandelson on board when his “alternative” mortgage arrangements became known.

    Rather than approach a bank or building society, he borrowed £373,000 interest free in 1996 from a seriously rich shadow cabinet colleague without declaring the loan in the register of members’ interests.

    He had to resign in 1998 when this clear example of a ministerial conflict of interest became known.

    Mandelson’s affection for the EU and his warning about the “economic price” that people in Britain would have to pay for leaving the bloc are understandable in light of the improvements in his own economic situation as a result of joining the Brussels gravy train.

    His godfather Blair smoothed the way for him to take over as EU commissioner for trade in November 2004, following his suggestion that being MP for the people of Hartlepool didn’t take up enough of his valuable time.

    He served a four-year term in Brussels before moving on up the greasy pole into the House of Lords as president of the Board of Trade and taking on membership of 35 of the 43 Cabinet subcommittees.

    None of these trade ministry jobs did any harm when he stepped down from government in 2010, sashaying seamlessly into an appointment with investment banker Lazard for a consideration of about £1 million a year, while also engaging profitably with the oil-rich Kazakhstan dictatorship.

    That he bought a house in north London five years ago for £8 million should surprise no-one who has watched his rise from being modestly comfortable in a one-bedroom flat in 1997 as he entered government to being filthy rich in his Regents Park villa when he left.

    However, as Mandelson himself pointed out in 1998, new Labour was “intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich,” especially since so many of his colleagues, as he did himself, ploughed a similar furrow.

    The “economic price” that Mandelson worries about, in the event of Britain’s exit from the EU, is largely illusory and, in any event, it wouldn’t be paid by people like him, Russian oligarch yacht-owners or other friends who opened doors for him.

    Broken trade links would affect working people who would lose jobs and livelihoods, but why should the EU end trade with Britain?

    The trade surplus that Britain had with EEC member states in 1975 is now, after 40 years of membership, a deficit.

    Refusing to sell goods to Britain would be an empty political gesture.

    It would mean Germany, France and so on cutting off their noses to spite their faces and businesses don’t do that.

    Mandelson has adopted the classic scare tactics of his fellow City slickers, conjuring spectres of economic ruin when their real worry is over a strengthening of democratic accountability.


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