Blair, poodle of tobacco capitalists

This video “is a bunch of different ads from all across the country that details the manipulation of Big Tobacco“.

From British daily The Independent:

Blair did intervene on F1 tobacco ads

By Brian Brady

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Tony Blair personally intervened to secure Formula One‘s exemption from the tobacco advertising ban after meeting the sport’s billionaire boss, Bernie Ecclestone, Whitehall documents revealed last night.

A clutch of briefing papers released to ‘The Sunday Telegraph, after a two-and-a-half-year freedom of information battle, show the full extent of the former prime minister’s role in New Labour’s first “sleaze” scandal, in 1997, in which he famously declared himself to be a “pretty straight sort of guy”. They reveal that he ordered ministers to work out how F1 could be allowed a “derogation” from the incoming ban after meeting Mr Ecclestone, who was a big Labour donor.

See also here.

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