‘Rajoy’s Spanish ‘democracy’ is not democracy’

This video says about itself:

Catalonia referendum: Voters confront police in Barcelona

1 October 2017

Catalan voters shouting, “Occupation forces get out” forced Spanish National Police to retreat from the education ministry building in Barcelona.

Al Jazeera’s Karl Penhaul reports from Barcelona.

Translated from Dutch daily De Volkskrant today:

In a comprehensive report on the referendum day by our correspondent Maartje Bakker, several Catalans tell about their wish for independence.

The 70-year-old Albert Ferris Pellicer was for twenty years a migrant worker in the Netherlands and with him memories of the dictatorship of Franco are now coming back. He also came this Sunday to stop the police, with a picnic basket on his back. “We live under a dictatorship. We did not know, but now we found out”, he says. “They send armed forces against us. But surely we are not jihadists? It’s a dictatorship, just a bit softer. We are pseudo-free, we know now.”

Today Catalans realize that the Spanish dictatorship never stopped.

Evictions, rubber bullets and ‘pseudo freedom’: that was the Barcelona referendum day.

Britain: Catalan referendum: Jeremy Corbyn urges Theresa May to intervene ‘to find political solution to the crisis’. The Civil Guard has firing rounds of rubber bullets into crowds on protesters in Barcelona: here.

Hundreds injured as riot police storm Catalan referendum polling stations. Barcelona mayor calls for Spanish prime minister to resign amid reports of police firing rubber bullets at people trying to vote: here.

15 thoughts on “‘Rajoy’s Spanish ‘democracy’ is not democracy’

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