11 thoughts on “Spanish corrupt right-wing minority government, buh bye!

  1. Mr Rajoy’s defeat was apparent before the vote in the Spanish parliament, with the no-confidence motion passing by 180 to 169 with one abstention.

    The right-wing Ciudadanos party was the only major grouping to support Mr Rajoy’s conservative People’s Party (PP), while the Basque National Party and the left backed Mr Sanchez’s bid to become prime minister.

    Mr Rajoy faced flak over his handling of a major corruption scandal which involved the PP allegedly running a secret campaign fund from 1999 to 2005.

    Former party treasurer Luis Barcenas was found guilty of receiving bribes, money-laundering and tax crimes earlier this month, receiving a 33-year jail sentence.

    He was among 29 officials and business people convicted of securing bribes in return for municipal contracts

    Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias … hoped that his party could join forces with the PSOE and play a role in the new government.

    Mr Iglesias wants fresh elections next year “with a plural and stable government.”

    Now is the time to “leave behind a time of corruption, inequality and confrontation,” he said.

    The political crisis in Spain has caused unease across the EU, where support for the neoliberal bloc is falling due to its role in the recent instability in Italy.



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