Malawi workers demonstrate against IMF

This video about African music says about itself:

Seun Kuti Calls IMF Director A Witch/Malawi‘s Zomba Prison Band Nominated For Grammy

6 January 2016

Seun Kuti, CEO of Egypt 80 and son of music legend Fela Kuti expresses his feelings about IMF Chief Christine Lagarde ’s visit to Nigeria.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari and Lagarde are reportedly having talks concerning the nation’s economy.

The Zomba Prison Band, made up of inmates from one of Malawi’s most congested prisons secure the country’s first Grammy nomination.

From the World Socialist Web Site today:

International Monetary Fund determines pay for civil servants in Malawi

This week civil servants in Malawi demonstrated against an inadequate 15 percent pay offer made by the government.

Placards on the demonstration spelled out demands for a 67 percent pay increase, full pay while on leave, additional hiring of staff and unbiased promotion. Workers are also demanding support for medical costs.

The government claim their pay offer is determined by the International Monetary Fund, which verifies budget spending priorities.

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