Ramones, Ramonas, Ramonettes, female tribute bands

This music video series is It’s Alive: The Rainbow Theatre Full Concert in London, England in 1977, by the Ramones from the USA.

The Ramones were very influential on the rise of punk rock in the late 1970s. They inspired bands like the Dead Kennedys, the Dead Boys, Green Day and many others in the USA; the Sex Pistols, the Clash, the Slits etc. in Britain.

Very unfortunately, now all four original members of the Ramones are dead.

But their songs survive. Many bands play cover versions of them.

Eg, there were/are at least two [UPDATE: at least five] female Ramones tribute bands; or were/are they tribute bands? And were/are they all female all of the time?

This March 2016 music video from Britain says about itself:

The RamonasRamona [originally by the Ramones] (live)

The Ramonas are an all female tribute to the iconic New York punk rock band Ramones.

Originally conceived back in 2004 with multiple different lineups, The Ramonas have evolved into a fully fledged, razor-sharp live band in their own right!

Touring, Touring is never boring and these girls are guaranteed to play high energy, full throttle one hour shows that’ll leave you buzzing for more of that 1976 spirit.

These four lovable cretins rarely even stop for a quick sip of water and a hello.. It’s 1234 and they’re onto the next hit, and the great thing is that they do it all in their own unique way.. wherever they play, from the UK to Europe to the USA!

Some say playing the Ramones tunes is easy, but capturing the vibe and essence of such a well-loved band mixed with the required speed, stamina and endurance is no mean feat..

Cloey, Pee Pee, Margy and Rohnny are definitely here to stay! Gabba Gabba HEY!!!

Vocals –Cloey Ramona (Lisa Breyer)
Guitar – Rohnny Ramona (Zoe Waugh)
Bass – Pee Pee Ramona (Victoria Smith)
Drums – Margy Ramona (Kate Wilkinson)

Ramonas logo

This is the Ramonas logo. Inspired by the Ramones logo (which is a parody of the United States presidential seal). Like in the Ramones logo, the eagle holds a baseball bat.

This 2017 music video from England is called The Ramonas live at Rebellion Festival 2017. Playing Ramones songs Blitzkrieg Bop and Pinhead.

This 2017 music video recorded in Germany is called The Ramonas – Pinhead live in Mannheim. Another Ramones song.

The Ramonas write some of the songs themselves now; like the ones on this album. Album review: here.

Some of their lyrics comment on social or political issues:

Nothing shocks us anymore. The rich get rich, the poor stay poor. Money holds the power. Look down from their tower.

From 1987-1994, in the Netherlands there was another all women band with almost the same name: Ramona’s. Just a bit different name, as the Dutch plural requires an ‘ before the s.

The band’s members:

Jolan – background vocals, bass
Sammy – drums (1991-1994)
Mirjam – guitar (1991-1994)
Marguerite Melchers – guitar, vocals
Mo – background vocals, drums (1987-1991)

When the band started they played cover versions of Iggy Pop, The Clash, X-Ray Spex, and Nancy Sinatra (strangely enough not of The Ramones). They wrote songs themselves later.


This is a 1994 Ramona’s photo.

This music video from the USA says about itself:

The Ramonas – He’s the one

The original Ramonas were from San Francisco & were not a “tribute” or “cover” band. They were four women who loved the Ramones & if anything, their music was an homage to the punk foursome (think The Donnas only punkier). The Ramonas performed throughout the Bay Area, once opening for Nirvana at the Warfield & on Dec. 17, 1999, played a reunion show at the official Ramones CyberPunk Blitz at CBGB, New York City.

Another music video used to say about itself:

Ramonas-Betty’s Dead

Bio By She Rox, All Female Bands: The Ramonas who hail from San Francisco, California, are the original “Ramonas” not to be confused with the all female U.K Ramones cover band or the Australian all female cover band; both are named The Ramonas. San Francisco Ramonas was not a cover band of the Ramones, all though the Ramones influence may seem evident in style. The band performed original songs. The Ramonas were at the forefront of the underground punk rock movement that was beginning in the late 1980’s early 1990’s when hair metal dominated the music industry. The Ramonas were one of the very few all female bands at this time that rivaled their male counterparts like early Green Day, and Dinosaur Jr and although they only released one full length album in 1990, “Out Of The Basement”, they helped pave the way for bands like The Lunachicks and L7. Suzee-Guitar, Kitze-Vocals, Shelly-Drums, Patty-Bass.

San Francisco Ramonas logo

I did not find anything about the Australian Ramonas. I did find something about Australian tribute band The Ramonettes; including guitarist Suzy Ramone (to which she changed her name in 1979; three years after buying her first Ramones record).

This 28 April 2014 video is called Ramonettes Live in Montpellier: Suzy is a Headbanger & Let’s Dance. Australian Ramones tribute.

This is a 2013 Ramonettes video.

The Ramonettes started in 2001.

And let us not forget the Argentine Ramonas; founded in 2009. 4 female, 1 male, at least in this 2012 video showing one of their songs (not a Ramones song). At other times, 2 male, 2 female. Their Facebook page is here.


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