British Daily Mail lies on French immigrants

By Sam Tobin in Britain:

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Mail forced to take down article littered with ‘lies, inaccuracies and factual mistakes’

THE DAILY MAIL was forced to delete an inflammatory article about illegal immigrants in a French suburb after it was described as “a sum of lies, inaccuracies, factual mistakes and data/quotes with no sources.”

French activist Marwan Muhammad identified 15 mistakes in Andrew Malone’s report, headed “Powder keg Paris”, including a claim that there are “as many as 300,000 illegal immigrants” in Saint Denis, “according to French parliamentarians.”

He pointed out that French parliamentarians actually “say the exact opposite” and suggested that Mr Malone had obtained the figure from “far-right websites that are known to invent statistics, spread fake news and stigmatise communities.”

Mr Muhammad said: “We too in France have tabloids who couldn’t care less about the truth, but I really have to say you’re in a league of your own. Everything in your paper is wrong.

“If this is your definition of journalism, then don’t be surprised when people call you a racially obsessed tabloid with no ethics.”

This music video from England is called Ramonas – The Daily Fail; live at Rebellion festival 2018. It is about the Daily Mail.

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