Sex Pistols vs. Irish police

This music video is Sex Pistols – Anarchy in the UK.

From British daily The Guardian:

Revealed: how the Sex Pistols shook Ireland

* Henry McDonald, Ireland correspondent
* Wednesday 31 December 2008

They raged against the Queen and the “fascist regime”, and noisily agitated for anarchy in the UK. But in the late 1970s the Sex Pistols were considered just as much of a threat to Ireland and its traditional Catholic moral values, it emerged yesterday, as state papers revealed the extent of official concern about the prime instigators of the punk revolution.

14 thoughts on “Sex Pistols vs. Irish police

  1. 26-County intelligence services kept reports of showband singer Joe
    Dolan’s tour of Russia in a classified file marked “Communist

    The Mullingar-born crooner, who died last Christmas, was bizarrely
    believed to be linked to a communist plot.

    The unlikely heart-throb became the first western pop singer to play in
    Moscow at the height of the Cold War in 1978.

    In one of the articles carefully archived by Irish intelligence, Dolan
    tells an interviewer how the Soviet audiences knew all his hits, and
    even “went wild about the Westmeath bachelor”.


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