X-Ray Spex 1977 punk rock video

This is a punk music video of X-Ray Spex – Identity, Live 1978.

A X-Ray Spex 1977 punk rock video is here.

It is of the song Oh Bondage, Up Yours! Its lyrics are here.

Discussion of Clash vs. X-Ray-Spex, with interview and live music video of ‘Artificial’ and ‘Oh Bondage, Up Yours!’: here.

Music and politics, from punk to now: here.

22 thoughts on “X-Ray Spex 1977 punk rock video

  1. Back in 1979 I listened to this song over and over. I still like it and I still listen to the X Ray Spex. Polly Styrene was also an early supporter of Rock against Racism.


  2. Thanks, Jon! The X-Ray Spex site is here. I once interviewed Poly Styrene as we were both washing dishes. I never saw them in concert, as they were supposed to come a few times, but it was always postponed (they were already in a disbanding process). I did see a gig by Essential Logic, of their saxophone player Laura Logic, though.


  3. I think that Essential Logic is Laura Logic and whoever she choses to play with. So, I suppose Essential Logic is around as long as Laura Logic is around. I don’t know if she’s been playing in public though. A few years ago there was a very complete compilation of her music that came out in the US. Don’t know if it’s available elsewhere.


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