Dutch right-wing MP’s contacts with American racist Jared Taylor

This video from the USA says about itself:

28 June 2016

​Right-wing groups that promote themselves as “white advocates” have been emboldened by Donald Trump’s candidacy. They say the presumptive Republican nominee is instinctively receptive to many of their ideas.

Far from the rough-and-tumble bigots of the KKK, these clean-cut white nationalists in suits and ties nonetheless hold extreme views — and believe Trump’s candidacy helps their cause.

VICE News went to an annual conference held by the white nationalist magazine American Renaissance [the magazine is defunct, though the group still exists] to talk to some of the intellectual leaders behind this growing movement.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

‘Baudet spoke for five hours with American racist Jared Taylor

Today, 9:19

Adapted today, 12:24

Thierry Baudet

Leader of the FvD, an extreme right Dutch political party. At the 2017 election, it had 1,78% of the vote, making Baudet one of two FvD MPs. The main difference between the FvD and the better known PVV xenophobes of Geert Wilders is that Geert Wilders is the only PVV member, while supporters can join the FvD as party members. Officially, the FvD claims to be not racist.

met with American racist Jared Taylor [fuehrer of the American Renaissance group] on October 12, reports De Correspondent. According to the journalistic platform, three witnesses have seen them together at the Ambassade Hotel in Amsterdam, where they are said to have eaten, drunk and talked together with a group of others for five hours. Taylor confirms to De Correspondent that the meeting took place.

Taylor is one of the inspirers of the far-right Alt-Right movement. He was in the Netherlands in October for a congress of the right-wing Erkenbrand movement.

The 66-year-old Taylor has been warning for decades that ‘the white race’ is dying due to ‘race mixing’. He also claims that ‘the black race’ has the lowest intelligence, which in his opinion blacks make a mess of things everywhere. He further states that Jews are “extremely clever in exploiting our weakness”.

Baudet has recently distanced himself from Erkenbrand, Alt-Right and the far-right in general, but has in the past made statements that suggest sympathy forAlt-Right. For instance, in January he retweeted a picture of Pepe the Frog, the mascot of the Alt-Right movement, and in May he made a positive statement about Erkenbrand.

Taylor says to De Correspondent that he finds it encouraging that Baudet was elected in the Dutch parliament. …

In a response to the NOS, an FvD spokesman said that Baudet and his colleagues speak dozens of people every day.

17 thoughts on “Dutch right-wing MP’s contacts with American racist Jared Taylor

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