Dutch xenophobe Wilders loves wars, hates refugees from those wars

This video from the USA says about itself:

The Forgotten War: Libya After NATO

8 April 2014

Today there is a debate in the Dutch parliament about the refugee crisis, caused by NATO countries’ neo-colonial wars.

Geert Wilders of the extreme rightist PVV party said that no refugees at all should be accepted in the Netherlands.

According to the report of NOS TV today (translated):

Socialist Party leader Roemer said he felt disgusted by the PVV and Wilders. “He wants to throw bombs on a powder keg, but then he looks the other way when people have to flee from that.”

Welcome mat

10 Sep 2015 • In Thursday’s debate on the reception of refugees, SP leader Emile Roemer expressed strong criticism of the agreement concluded this week between the governing coalition parties. ‘It’s simple laziness to be indifferent’ he said. ‘To think that a fence around your country will keep misery outside the door. To assert that keeping the borders closed is humane. This agreement shirks responsibility for accommodating the refugees and puts it on to countries which are already doing their utmost.’ Below is the text of Emile Roemer’s speech.

Meanwhile, outside the parliament building, Amnesty International welcomed refugees with hundreds of mats like this.

A record number of migrants and refugees crossed into Hungary on Wednesday, according to official figures, amid fears that Viktor Orbán’s government is preparing a sweeping border crackdown: here.

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