Dutch right-winger calls Wilders nazi-like dictator

Wilders and Le Pen, cartoon

This cartoon by Rainer Hachfeld shows Dutch xenophobic politician Geert Wilders with Marine Le Pen of the French neo-fascist National Front party.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

VVD senator Schaap: ‘dictatorial’ PVV is more dangerous than the NSB

The VVD is a right-wing pro-big business Dutch political party. Officially ‘liberal’; however, ‘liberalism’ in Europe often means the same as ‘conservatism’ in the USA.

The PVV is Geert Wilders’ xenophobic party.

The NSB was the Dutch nazi party in the 1930s and 1940s.

Today, 11:51

VVD senator Schaap: ‘dictatorial’ PVV is more dangerous than the NSB

Today, 11:51

The PVV is a party without party members and party executive, and in that respect, more dangerous than the nazi party NSB. This says philosopher and senator Sybe Schaap in his new book “Rule of law in decline”.

“PVV leader Geert Wilders rules autocratically, and has basically silenced all who might contradict him,” said Schaap, who calls the structure of the party a “dictatorship”. The NSB was founded in the Netherlands in 1931 and collaborated in World War II with the German occupiers. The NSB had members and did have a General Board, an executive. The NSB members had little influence, Schaap admits. “But Wilders goes one step further, he does not even have members,” Schaap said in an interview in daily Trouw.


Philosopher Schaap writes in his book: “Wilders rules like a Fuehrer with even more power than in National Socialism.” He said in the Trouw interview that he emphatically does not make a comparison with the German Nazi leader Hitler. “Of course I do not mean that Wilders is a mass murderer like Hitler, but that he has a dangerous structure within his party. If Wilders gets power, then things might get very nasty. A dictatorship? Could be.” …

Schaap says he has written his book as a philosopher, but says he realizes that he is also a VVD senator. …

In 2012 Schaap wrote in his book “The rancorous poison. The rise of discomfort” that the PVV created artificial enmities to explain how one’s own existence is threatened. PVV leader Geert Wilders called the comparison ‘sad’ and Prime Minister [and VVD party leader] Mark Rutte said he did not recognize the situation depicted by Schaap.

The PVV was at that time still a party making possible Rutte’s first coalition administration.

On 4 September 2016, Rutte said in a TV interview that he does not like the PVV. Still, he did not want to exclude a possible future VVD-PVV coalition government, though he said it was not probable.

Support feminists against Dutch anti-refugee politician Geert Wilders

Dutch feminists demonstrating against anti-refugee politician Geert Wilders

This photo shows Dutch feminists demonstrating against anti-refugee politician Geert Wilders in Spijkenisse town. The slogans on their signs say, translated, from left to right: Do white testosterone bombs [term of abuse by Wilders for male refugees] exist as well? Refugees are welcome, racists not. Wilders racist. [Wilders] fake feminist. My feminism is anti-racist.

From Indiegogo.com:

Thanks for your overwhelming support! Any donations in excess of what we need for legal costs will go to supporting refugees

Donation bank account (for those without paypal): NL42 ABNA 0441 4778 44

Support feminists against Geert Wilders!

Feminists for “verzetsspray” need your (financial) support.

On Saturday January 23rd we, 10 women of all ages, were arrested in Spijkenisse at the protest “Feminists for verzetsspray”. Wilders was in Spijkenisse to hand out fake pepper spray to women to protect themselves against asylum seekers who, in Wilders words, are “Islamic testosterone bombs”.

We peacefully spoke out against Wilders’ cynical use of women’s rights to further his agenda of racism, exclusion and fearmongering against migrants, Muslims and refugees. The police infringed upon our right to free speech, while Wilders’ supporters were allowed to hurl sexist abuse at us. We refused to identify ourselves to the police because they had no grounds to demand this, and had we complied with this demand it would have effectively ended our protest. Because of this refusal we were detained and were held for hours, and one women was even held overnight. We have been fined for not complying with police orders and failure to identify ourselves (on the spot).

Our lawyer Willem Jebbink considers both charges to be unfounded. We will contest the arrest and these fines before a judge. Willem Jebbink is representing us at a reduced tariff.

We are confident that all charges and fines against us will be dropped. However, in the meantime we do need some money to defend ourselves against these unjustified arrests and fines. We need approximately 1280 euros and therefore are asking for your (financial) support!

Every donation, great and small, will be much appreciated!

When we are acquitted, as we anticipate, we will also be reimbursed for all legal costs. Of course we shall make sure that any donated money goes toward welcoming and relieving the suffering of refugees.

Apart from your financial support we especially hope you will support us in action; against racism, for feminism and in solidarity with refugees.
On February 6th at 13:00 at the Dokwerker in Amsterdam we will be there to march against the presence of the racist organization PEGIDA in Amsterdam and hope to see many of you there.

Interview with the arrested women: here.

Europe is firmly in the grip of winter, and the Balkans are covered in snow with temperatures below freezing. Nonetheless, one government after another is closing its borders and sending hundreds of thousands of desperate refugees back to war zones that they have risked their lives to flee: here.

Berlin town hall meeting protests discrimination against refugees. By Verena Nees, 26 January 2016. On Thursday evening, about 1,400 people flocked to the old terminal building of the former Tempelhof Airport in Berlin. It was one of the biggest ever town hall meetings in the German capital: here.

‘Dutch xenophobic politician Wilders wants dictatorship’

Geert Wilders and his followers, cartoon

This Dutch cartoon shows Islamophobic politician Geert Wilders claiming he fights non-violently against ‘Islamisation’ of Dutch society, while his supporters threaten and practice violence.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Roemer: One expects plans like Wilders‘ in a dictatorship

Today, 17:28

Dutch socialist party SP leader Roemer has lashed out sharply at a party congress in Amersfoort against PVV [xenophobic party] leader Wilders. Roemer spoke especially against the plan to detain all male asylum seekers in refugee centers. “One expects this type of proposal in a dictatorship and not from a party that is supposedly fighting for freedom [as the PVV party name suggests].”

Roemer wondered whether the proposal also means that if one MP of the PVV pees in someone’s mailbox, then all PVV MPs should be behind bars. He was referring thereby to former PVV MP Lucassen, who was accused of violence and intimidation.

‘Radicalized VVD politician’

Roemer called Wilders “a radicalized VVD politician.”

The VVD is the biggest party in the Dutch coalition government. It is a pro ‘free market’ pro Big Business party. They are usually not as openly racist as the PVV. Wilders used to be a VVD member before founding the PVV.

“The only thing that distinguishes him from [VVD Prime Minister] Rutte is a sauce of hatred on his right-wing program.”

He also said that the PVV politician is responsible for inciting against each other victims of right-wing policies on the one hand and asylum seekers on the other hand. He refers for instance to people who have been waiting for six years for a house and then wonders why refugees get housing quickly. “They should be aware that the same Geert Wilders was first in line to sell off as much social housing as possible.”

Dutch feminists have today demonstrated in Spijkenisse against Geert Wilders; especially against his pseudo-feminism, trying to abuse the crimes in Cologne for racism. The women shouted ‘Wilders is a racist, not a feminist’. Police arrested these women.

Dutch anti-Wilders demonstration

The sign on the right of this photo says: ‘PVV and Pegida are themselves anti-women.’

Other people accepted cans of so-called ‘anti abuse’ spray, handed out by Wilders in Spijkenisse; and said they would sell those cans, and give to money to pro-refugee organisations.

Dutch xenophobic politician Wilders follows porn actress secretly on Twitter

Dutch porn actress Kim Holland

Today Dutch RTL TV has discovered that xenophobic PVV party leader (and only member) Geert Wilders has two Twitter accounts.

On one, his official account, he does not follow anyone else.

However, it turns out Wilders has another, anonymous, secret account as well.

On that account, Wilders follows, eg, porn actress Kim Holland, accounts of ex-PVV politicians who had broken with Wilders after quarrels, and 17 Donald Duck accounts.

Talking about Donalds from the USA: the RTL report does not mention whether Wilders follows Donald Trump; about whom Wilders has said that he admires him much.

Dutch xenophobe Wilders loves wars, hates refugees from those wars

This video from the USA says about itself:

The Forgotten War: Libya After NATO

8 April 2014

Today there is a debate in the Dutch parliament about the refugee crisis, caused by NATO countries’ neo-colonial wars.

Geert Wilders of the extreme rightist PVV party said that no refugees at all should be accepted in the Netherlands.

According to the report of NOS TV today (translated):

Socialist Party leader Roemer said he felt disgusted by the PVV and Wilders. “He wants to throw bombs on a powder keg, but then he looks the other way when people have to flee from that.”

Welcome mat

10 Sep 2015 • In Thursday’s debate on the reception of refugees, SP leader Emile Roemer expressed strong criticism of the agreement concluded this week between the governing coalition parties. ‘It’s simple laziness to be indifferent’ he said. ‘To think that a fence around your country will keep misery outside the door. To assert that keeping the borders closed is humane. This agreement shirks responsibility for accommodating the refugees and puts it on to countries which are already doing their utmost.’ Below is the text of Emile Roemer’s speech.

Meanwhile, outside the parliament building, Amnesty International welcomed refugees with hundreds of mats like this.

A record number of migrants and refugees crossed into Hungary on Wednesday, according to official figures, amid fears that Viktor Orbán’s government is preparing a sweeping border crackdown: here.