44 thoughts on “Bayer, from Auschwitz to Monsanto

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  4. It’s the worst merger idea in history.

    Monsanto poisons our food and fields with carcinogenic herbicide. Bayer’s pesticides kill the bees that are the basis of our food chain. Now the two biotech giants want to merge into a $100 Billion mega-corporation to dominate our entire global food system!

    The firms are right now on a shopping spree for an army of lobbyists to steamroll the plan through US and EU regulators. It’ll take an even bigger people-powered lobby to stop them.

    That’s where we come in. Avaaz has beaten both of these corporations before so we know how to do it: show massive public opposition through campaigns and polls, win over the regulators with powerful personal appeals, and have lawyers review every detail.

    If 40,000 of us donate the price of a drink or a meal in the next 24 hours, we can launch this effort. Chip in to end this monster marriage before it begins:




    YES, I’LL DONATE €16

    YES, I’LL DONATE €32

    To donate another amount, click here.

    Global corporations are already too big to regulate, and the agricultural industry is in the hands of just 6 giant companies. Merging two of the biggest, with a history of abusing our health and ecosystems, is a terrible idea.

    EU Competition commissioner Margarethe Vestager and US antitrust chief Renata Hesse can block the merger if they decide it’s not in the public interest, and both have good reputations. As the public, we have real power to shape their view. But they’ll be under intense political pressure.

    Avaaz has scored historic victories against Monsanto and Bayer on many occasions, from blocking the license renewal of Monsanto’s biggest product, glyphosate, to banning one of Bayer’s bee killing neonicotonoid pesticides. Maybe they think that by teaming up they can beat us this time. Chip in to show them they’re wrong:




    YES, I’LL DONATE €16

    YES, I’LL DONATE €32

    To donate another amount, click here.

    The scariest thing about a Monsanto/Bayer merger is the immense political power such a corporation would have to control our democratic decision-making. What’s wonderful about our movement is our ability to see this threat to our democracies coming, and stop it while we still can.

    With hope and determination,

    Ricken, Danny, Alice, Emma, and the whole Avaaz team


    Bayer’s $66bn takeover bid of Monsanto called a ‘marriage made in hell’ (The Guardian)

    Bayer’s Monsanto acquisition to face politically charged scrutiny (Reuters)

    Bayer AG bulks up lobbyist roster for Monsanto deal (Washington Post)

    Six multinational companies dominate the agricultural input market (Gas and Oil)

    Glyphosate — Crushed it!! (Avaaz)


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