28 thoughts on “Stop Bayer’s killing of bees and their censorship

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  4. Nice to find and read your post. Nicely written. Good to watch video. We at We Save Bees provide services related to live bee removal and bee hive removal from residential and commercial properties in Corona. We do not use any chemicals or vacuums in this process and follow natural ways to remove them without killing. If you found the bee hive nearer to your property just call us….951-254-1057


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  7. A Victory for Bees in Europe!

    Wind, rain or snow, we kept up the fight for our bees Wind, rain or snow, we kept up the fight for our bees

    After more than two years of tireless campaigning, we played a key role in getting Europe to ban bee-killing pesticides, at least until 2015! This victory came from two years of flooding ministers with messages, launching a massive petition with over 2.6 million signatures, organising media-grabbing protests with beekeepers and a 5-metre high inflatable bee, funding opinion polls, and much, much more.

    It’s been a long haul to take on mighty mega-corporations like Bayer, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the collaboration of many scientists, specialists, sympathetic officials, beekeepers and environmental groups. According to Friends of the Earth: “Avaaz’s massive petition and creative campaigning helped push this over the edge.”


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