British Conservative Hitler scandal

This music video is Spike Jones’ song “Der Fuehrer’s Face”. Lyrics are here.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Disgusting’ Tory kicked out after Hitler stunt

Sunday 24 May 2009

A CONSERVATIVE activist who appeared on Facebook wearing an Adolf Hitler moustache was expelled from the party on Saturday.

Daniel O’Docherty wore the moustache to a fancy dress party and subsequently posted a picture of himself in the guise on the social-networking website.

Alongside the picture, he posted offensive racist and sexist quotations.

Until earlier this month, he was chairman of the Birmingham University branch of Tory youth wing – Conservative Future.

Next to the picture on Facebook, there was a list entitled “My Favourite Quotes.”

Among them were what Tory sources described as “highly offensive” comments, including one that said: “I don’t hate everyone – I just hate women.”

Another quote was racist and was said to be offensive about poverty.

See also here.

Maybe Mr O’Docherty had been inspired for this nazi idiocy by Prince Harry and his fascist uniform.

UPDATE: “Daniel O’Docherty” in early reports was a misspelling for “Daniel O’Doherty”.

[Conservatives] Lord Brittan and Lord Patten attack [Cameron’s] alliance with hard-right Polish and Czech parties: here. And here.


20 thoughts on “British Conservative Hitler scandal

  1. ” Daniel O’Docherty wore the moustache to a fancy dress party ” Factually incorrect. He had a moustache drawn on him. The other pictures from the party show that he did not ‘wear the moustache to a party’.

    “Alongside the picture, he posted offensive racist and sexist quotations” Again, completely false. There were no captions on the picture.

    “Among them were what Tory sources described as “highly offensive” comments, including one that said: “I don’t hate everyone – I just hate women.”” Obviously ironic???!

    So fuck you and your nazi idiocy charges.


  2. Hi “Get”, what are the sources for your allegations; as they are different from the various press reports? Your word only certainly is not enough.

    If Daniel O’Docherty would really have been the unwilling victim of someone else’s stupid prank as you claim, then why did he post the picture on Facebook?

    If Daniel O’Docherty would be really as innocent as you claim, then surely the Conservative party would have defended him,instead of expelling him, as happened?

    And, oh yes, is it your custom to always write four letter words when commenting at other people’s blogs?


  3. My source is his facebook page. He was disciplined by the party so that they could close the story down. The meeja sets the agenda.


  4. Hi Get: “My source is his facebook page”. That, of course, is very far from being an objective, personally uninvolved, source.

    You are accusing David Cameron and the other Conservative leaders of making decisions based on lies without checking that these were lies; or, even worse (if it would be true), knowing that they were lies, but expelling Daniel O’Docherty nevertheless. That is quite an accusation, and I wonder whether you are able to back that up.

    Finally, an improvement, as now you have made at least once in your life made a blog comment without four letter words.


  5. Well bearing in mind his successor at BUCF, the one he endorsed and gave unconditional support to, was an IRANIAN WOMAN, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out from that he is neither racist nor sexist. What he is, is human. He behaved like any student behaves and in a brief moment of immaturity did something out of character. Anyone who knows him will testify he doesnt have a malicious bone in his body and these claims have, despite his denials, hurt him very deeply.


  6. Hi BUCF, I went to the site and to the blog of the B(irmingham) U(niversity) C(onservative) F(uture). Neither contained a reference to the Daniel O’Docherty affair. A bit unexpected to say the least, as that affair suddenly made the BUCF national news. Except from, maybe an item about rising visitor figures to the BUCF site … oh no, that item is from April, from before the Daniel O’Docherty scandal.

    So, it seems that, at least so far, the BUCF does not have an official view on the Daniel O’Docherty affair. That brings me to a question: are you, the “BUCF” of comment #5, the official spokesperson of the BUCF? And, if so, then presumably you oppose the Conservative party leadership for expelling Daniel O’Docherty. How, then, is that compatible with the expression of loyalty to the party leadership on your site?

    You write: “you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out from that he is neither racist nor sexist”. Well, if one is an historian (not necessarily a professional one, even if just an amateur one), then one knows that few if any racists in history are 100% consequent. Hitler himself made an alliance with Japan (not “Ayran” according to Hitler’s moronic race doctrine). He also had supporters and allies in Iran and India (which ARE “Ayran” according to Hitler’s moronic race doctrine, at least high caste people etc.; I will spare you the rest of the nonsense).

    Some nazi SS officers who mercilessly slaughtered many Jews, spared the lives of other Jewish people (because they were old school friends; good looking girls or boys, etc.). Finally, there are many men who are married to women, but are nevertheles to a greater or lesser extent sexist.

    Concluding, I must compliment you for, contrary to comment #1 in this thread, not having a four letter word in your first post on this blog.


  7. The quotes on Dan O’Doherty’s face book page were of an ironic nature. He was not suggesting that he agreed with them as serious ideas. Infact, under ‘dilikes’ on his profile he has listed words to the effect of: “bigots who hold racist and homphobic views’.

    It’s also interesting that the administrator questions the reliablity of ‘Get a Life’s’ claims but bases his own ideas on an article in the morning star that couldn’t even get the subject’s name right.


  8. Hi JACK, the misspelling “O’Docherty” for O’Doherty was not only in the Morning Star, but also in many other media then. It is less obviously a misspelling then, as I you write, “dilikes” instead of “dislikes”. The Conservative party obviously did not accept your arguments in favour of Mr O’Doherty.


  9. A misspelling of someone’s name when you are accusing them of racism is far more significant than a typo on a blog. The fact that other sources got his name wrong is a pretty flimsy defence.

    I doubt that the conservative party accept any of your arguments on anything, but making that point isn’t a substitute for the thoughtful reasoning that your comments so clearly lack.


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