British racists expelled from Conservative party

This video about Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News in the USA is called Fox Attacks: Black America.

In Britain, there are the neo-nazis of the British National Party.

There is Prince Harry, killing protected hen harriers, making racist remarks about Pakistanis, dressing up in nazi uniform at a fancy dress party.

And there used to be a Conservative Party election candidate, who turned out to be in fact a BNP nazi. He was expelled, like the Conservative student with the Adolf Hitler moustache at another fancy dress party.

There are more extreme Right fringe Conservative students, according to Wetherby News:

Tories suspend Oxford students over ‘racist jokes’

Published Date: 11 June 2009

Two Conservative members have been suspended from the party following allegations of racism at Oxford University‘s Conservative Association.

A row broke out after electoral candidates were asked to tell “inappropriate” jokes during hustings for junior officer positions.

Nick Gallagher reportedly said: “What do you say when you see a television moving around in the dark? Put it down, you n*****, or I’ll shoot you!”.

Mr Gallagher, who is general editor of the association’s magazine Blueprint, was allegedly asked to tell the most racist joke he knew and name his least favourite minority.

The Tories confirmed that two suspensions from the party had been made.

A spokesman said: “People who behave in this disgusting and reprehensible way have no place in the Conservative Party.”

According to Cherwell, the student newspaper, one Oxford University Conservative Association (OUCA) committee member resigned following the controversy.

Anthony Boutall, the president of the association, said: “A disciplinary committee (DC) has been called for Saturday and, while I do not have the power to prejudge the decision of the DC, I can give a personal pledge that if these individuals are found guilty, I shall use my powers to their fullest capacity, making it my top priority to ensure that they play no further part in the association”.

The association, founded in 1924, is one of the oldest and largest student political organisations in the country.

It has a current membership of almost 700 and past presidents include Margaret Thatcher, Edward Heath and shadow foreign secretary William Hague.

When I wrote this blog item, the OUCA web site did not have anything on this issue as yet.

See also here.

3 thoughts on “British racists expelled from Conservative party

  1. Oxford Tories suspended over ‘racist jokes’

    By Amol Rajan

    Thursday, 11 June 2009

    Two student Tories have been suspended from the party after making racist jokes during a meeting of the Oxford University Conservative Association [OUCA].

    At a drunken hustings for the next president of the association – which includes a host of Tory politicians among its alumni – student politicians were invited to outperform each other with racist jokes. A master of ceremonies told them to repeat ‘the most inappropriate joke you have ever told’.

    Last Sunday Nick Gallagher, who was running for the post of Political Officer, a role that requires him to liaise with Tory central office, was also asked to name his least favourite minority.

    Just hours before the BNP secured two members of the European parliament, Mr Gallagher, who is currently Publications Officer, allegedly said: “What do you say when you see a television moving around in the dark? Drop it nigger or I’ll shoot you!”.

    Another student at the meeting reportedly made a joke about a family of black people being lynched.

    A source who was at the meeting said: “Everybody laughed their heads off. When one person raised concerns he [Gallagher] said it was ok because it was a joke made by Chris Rock, the American comedian, who is black, which obviously makes it fine. Another made a joke about a black family of three getting lynched. Nobody booed.

    “I can’t believe they said things like that. To think that these guys are going to be running the country makes me shudder”.

    Mr Gallagher, originally from Philadelphia, USA, admitted that he made the jokes but claimed that he was being quoted out of context. “This was a misunderstanding”, he said. “What I said wasn’t intended that way and it is to my regret that the association [OUCA] has been dragged into this.”

    The patron of OUCA is former Prime Minister Lady Thatcher, and Shadow Foreign Secretary and former Tory leader William Hague is honorary president. The late Tory Prime Minister Edward Heath was a president in his student days, and Schools Secretary Ed Balls was also a member, but switched allegiance to Labour after graduating.

    Former Tory leader Michael Howard was due to speak to OUCA last night but pulled out in disgust at reports of the racist remarks.

    They will come as a fresh blow to the public relations campaign spearheaded by Tory leader David Cameron, who has worked hard to rebrand his party. Mr Cameron was admonished by parts of the Tory Establishment for favouring women and members of ethnic minorities in his controversial ‘A’ List of prospective parliamentary candidates, but insisted it was necessary to show his party was representative of modern Britain.

    All the officers of OUCA are white. President Anthony Boutall said: “I cannot reiterate strongly enough that OUCA has no place for racism, and abhors and rejects all racial prejudice”. He also said that he’d called a disciplinary committee that would examine what had happened.

    Founded in 1924, OUCA has over 650 members and is one of the oldest student political organisations in the country.

    Last December, the University under-21 rugby team were ordered to attend a “cultural diversity” lesson after organising a dinner whose invitation demanded “bring a fit Jew”. Other members were photographed ‘blacked up’ at an African-themed dance.

    Nor is it the first time young Tories have been embroiled in a race row. In October 2007, Emma Claire Pentreath, an aide to Greg Hands MP, was suspended from the party. The 24 year-old had posted a photo on Facebook, the social networking website, where her face was painted black with a burned cork. An accompanying caption read: “Emma’s career in politics lies in tatters after she follows [Tory MP] Anne Winterton’s lead and dresses as a ‘Nigger Minstrel'”.


  2. Thatcher breaks arm in tumble

    THATCHER’S FALL: Former Tory prime minister Baroness Thatcher has been discharged from hospital after breaking her arm in a fall, her office has said.

    Lady Thatcher, who is 83, was taken to the Chelsea and Westminster hospital by ambulance, but is now said to be “recovering well.” She has suffered a number of heath scares over recent years, including minor strokes.


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