Bialowieza, outside the primeval forest

Bialowieza, 17 May.

This morning, we discovered the Bialowieza primeval forest.

In the afternoon, we discovered the beauty of the Bialowieza region outside the strict reserve.

In the village, map lichen growing on stones.

Fieldfares near the palace park entrance.

Near a river bridge just outside the park, sedge warblers, and chiffchaff sounds.

A common sandpiper, standing on a small log in the river.

We go back to the palace park entry gate. A spotted flycatcher sitting on it.

This video is about a spotted flycatcher nest in the Netherlands; juveniles fledging.

A black redstart sitting on a village roof.

A female red-backed shrike on a shrub.

A common snipe sitting on top of an electricity pole.

As the forest trail crosses a brook, Lymnaeidae snails.

Black alder trees.

Wild boars have left tracks of their meal.

Later, leftovers of conifer cones eaten by one or more squirrels.

Thelypteris palustris ferns near a brook.

We arrive at a small zoo, with mammal species of Bialowieza.

A sign says that about 70% of wolves’ prey in Bialowieza nature reserve consists of red deer; 15% roe deer; 10% wild boar; and only a few % European bison and elk, both probably difficult for wolves to hunt. In the pristine forest, a different predator, the tawny owl, of course eats completely different prey.

Wolf numbers in Bialowieza reserve are supposed to be about twenty; lynx numbers 35-50.

Great tit and red-breasted flycatcher sounds.

On top of the fence of the European bison enclosure, a female pied flycatcher.

There is also an enclosure for horses, where it is tried to breed back the extinct tarpan.

December 2010: An attempt to boost Poland’s falling Eurasian lynx population is now underway. HUNTING BAN: But still Poland’s lynx population is declining: here.

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