Nazi as British Conservative candidate?

This is a video about the BNP‘s fellow neo-nazis in the USA.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Tory shame of BNP recruit

Wednesday 29 April 2009

by Paddy McGuffin

Tories in Lancashire have scored an own goal by attempting to co-opt a BNP activist as a council candidate at the forthcoming elections.

The Conservative grouping on Darwen Town Council, near Blackburn, approached Nick Holt, a long-term BNP activist and former election candidate for the fascist party, to join their council grouping.

The Morning Star understands that Mr Holt was approached by Conservative members over two months ago and was successfully selected by the party as a Tory candidate for the forthcoming council election.

The fact that the party attempted to run a well-known fascist and anti-trade unionist as a candidate has caused major embarrassment to the party both locally and at national level.

It is particularly awkward for the Tories as party leader David Cameron is due to visit the area this week.

Conservative Party head office stated on Wednesday that it had been unaware of Holt’s BNP involvement.

A Conservative Party spokesman said: “As soon as Mr Holt’s history with the BNP was discovered by the party action was taken to immediately suspend him with the intention of expelling him. There is no room in the Conservative Party for racists.”

When pressed as to who had made the decision to approach a well-known BNP member to stand, a spokesperson declined to comment. The party also declined to comment as to whether any form of disciplinary action would be taken against those responsible.

Councillor Kate Hollern, leader of the Labour group in Blackburn with Darwen council said: “Nick Holt is one of the most notorious BNP activists in the north west.

“That this man was shortlisted by the Conservatives simply beggars belief. He ran the BNP‘s Blackburn office and has stood in every single local and national election for the last five years.”

A spokesman for Hope not Hate welcomed the Tories’ action in suspending Holt.

Tory expenses scandals: here.

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