‘Munich mass murderer pro-Hitler, pro-Breivik, not jihadi’

This video from Germany says about itself:

Munich gunman only 18-years-old

23 July 2016

The young gunman – unofficially named as David Ali Sonboly – killed nine people at a Munich shopping centre before turning his weapon on himself.

Born and raised in Munich, he carried out his attack on the fifth anniversary of the Anders Breivik attacks in Norway.

Contains images some may find distressing.

For anyone who might dismiss this blog post as ‘liberal, pro-multicultural propaganda’: this item is from Dutch daily De Telegraaf. De Telegraaf is a right-wing, often xenophobic paper. They base themselves on another right-wing daily, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in Germany.

Translated from De Telegraaf:

“Perpetrator of Munich massacre was a right-wing extremist

Today, 15:15

MUNICH – The gunman who on Friday in a Munich shopping centre killed nine people and wounded sixteen others, cherished according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) right-wing extremist and racist ideas.

This eighteen-year-old son of a taxi driver, Ali David Sonboly, did not figure in the circles of German right-wing extremists, but the boy, son of Iranian parents, hated ethnic Turks and Arabs and was very ecstatic that he was born on the same day as dictator Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), April 20. This the FAZ learned from circles investigating the murders.

Sonboly killed himself shortly after the massacre. …

All perpetrators [also of other recent violence in Bavaria, Germany] were mentally very unstable.

What De Telegraaf does not mention is the background of ideological history of Iran, where the murderer’s parents were from. During the pre-1979 regime of the shah, state ideology told Iranians they were of the ‘Aryan race’, supposedly superior to Turks or Arabs.

Munich gunman saw sharing Hitler’s birthday as ‘special honour’. Police investigating whether Ali David Sonboly targeted people of foreign origin say he boasted of pride in being ‘Aryan’: here.

Britain: The foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, was urged to avoid passing politically sensitive judgments on world events until he was in full possession of the facts after he prematurely blamed Islamist terrorists for the killings in Munich on Friday: here.

The horrific attack in Ansbach by a psychologically unstable person, who had fled from Syria to Germany, is being exploited by politicians from all parties to step up attacks on refugees and press ahead with the strengthening of the state apparatus. By contrast, there is silence on the real causes of the violent outburst: here.

21 thoughts on “‘Munich mass murderer pro-Hitler, pro-Breivik, not jihadi’

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  3. The perpetrator of the Munich attack, Ali David Sonboly, was a racist with a far-right worldview. He saw it as mark of honour that his date of birth, 20 April 1998, was on Hitler’s birthday. The Franfurter Allgemeine Zeitung [German Establishment newspaper] has learned this from security sources. Corresponding statements about his enthusiasm for Adolf Hitler also come from his closest friends and family. He is also said to have been proud of the fact that he was an Iranian and German Aryan. Originally Iran was considered the home of the Aryans. By constrast, Sonboly hated Turks and Arabs. He nurtured a “feeling of superiority” towards them.

    The investigators are therefore tracking the hypothesis that Sonboly deliberately killed people of foreign origin in his action. All nine of his victims had an immigrant background, six were youths between 14 and 17, two were young adults aged betwee 19 and 20. Three youths were of Turkish origin, a 45-year-old Turkish woman was also killed. Three other youths – a boy and two girls – were Albanians.


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