English Prince Harry to Iraq as a soldier; in nazi uniform?

Prince Harry in nazi uniformThough Tony Blair, under pressure from the strong peace movement in Britain, has decided to withdraw some British troops from Iraq, still other soldiers will go to Iraq for the first time.

The BBC reports:

Prince Harry’s regiment is to be sent to Iraq for a six-month tour of duty, defence officials have confirmed.

His Blues and Royals regiment will serve as part of the latest deployments to the country, they said.

While in Iraq, the prince will carry out “a normal troop commander’s role”, a joint statement by the Ministry of Defence and Clarence House said.

He will be the first senior royal to serve on the front line since Prince Andrew in the Falklands in 1982.

From the Hartford Courant:

Harry has also acknowledged drinking underage and smoking marijuana, and in January 2006, he apologized after being pictured in a national newspaper at a costume party dressed as a Nazi, including a swastika armband.

It was a nazi uniform for colonial wars.

Some apologists for Bush’s and Blair’s warmongering go berserk if one compares their wars to colonial wars of decades ago.

Some others are more ‘honest’, like the Dutch military in Afghanistan naming a base after a fortress in the war to stop Indonesia from being independent.

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