British Conservatives link up with Latvian Waffen SS

Latvian nazis commemorate Adolf Hitler and Latvian SS men. Former veterans of the Latvian Legion protest in Riga (Ilmars Znotins/AFP/Getty Images)The Times daily in London, England, traditionally has links to the Conservative party.

Now that it is owned by Australian far Right warmonger Rupert Murdoch, it has been moving in an ultra-Conservative direction.

However, judging from this article in the London Times today, the daily is not moving as fast to the far Right as the party:

June 22, 2009

Conservative MEPs link up with Latvian party that honours Waffen SS

David Charter in Brussels

A small Latvian party that honours its country’s Waffen SS veterans was today named among David Cameron’s new allies in the European Parliament as the Conservatives unveiled the members of their anti-federalist group.

One MEP from Latvia’s nationalist For Fatherland and Freedom Party will be among the 55 MEPs in the European Conservatives and Reformists Group which the Tory leader pledged to form during his leadership campaign in 2006.

The Conservatives have been attacked by their own former MEPs for leaving the main centre right group of 264 MEPs in Strasbourg, causing a rift with the parties of Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel.

They face a loss of influence in the European Parliament as well as criticism for joining up with 15 MEPs from the staunchly Catholic Law and Justice Party from Poland, which, like the Latvian party, has banned gay pride marches.

The 26 Conservative MEPs’ other main allies are nine members from the ODS of Mirek Topolanek, the former Czech Prime Minister photographed naked at a party thrown by Silvio Berlusconi.

When Berlusconi and Murdoch still were chums, it would have been doubtful whether this sentence would have been published in The Times. However, now that Silvio and Rupert have become enemies

The threshold of seven countries needed for an official group was passed by recruiting one MEP from a Christian party in Holland, one from a nationalist Flemish party in Belgium, one from Finland and one from Hungary, a former finance minister.

Timothy Kirkhope, leader of the Tory MEPs, today defended the new group, which he said would be the fourth largest in the European Parliament behind the centre right European People’s Party (EPP), the centre left (161 MEPs) and the liberal group (80 MEPs). It will be just two seats ahead of the European Greens who have 53 MEPs. …

Former MEP Christopher Beazley, who stood down at the recent elections, has accused Mr Cameron of trying to “rip up 30 years of work by Tory pro-Europeans” in forming he new group. Another recently retired MEP, Caroline Jackson, described the move as stupid, warning that it would create “bad blood” with traditional centre-right allies.

Foreign Secretary David Miliband stood by his criticism of the Tories’ “sickening” alliance with a Latvian fascist party on Sunday: here.

Polish Tory new ally accused of anti-Semitism: here.

A Tory MEP who criticised the NHS and praised Enoch Powell in quick succession will not face official censure from his party, it has been revealed: here.

France: Racist campaign against burqa threatens democratic rights: here.

Hungarian neo-nazis: here.

24 thoughts on “British Conservatives link up with Latvian Waffen SS

  1. Tory expelled from MEP group

    Published Date: 14 July 2009

    A Yorkshire and Humber MEP has been expelled from the Conservatives’ new “anti-federalist” group in the European Parliament – on the first day of the group’s existence.
    Edward McMillan-Scott, an MEP since 1984 and a former leader of the Tory delegation in Strasbourg, destroyed all semblance of unity and embarrassed Tory leader David Cameron with an open display of defiance.

    The Tories have split from the mainstream centre-right European Peoples’ Party (EPP) to form a controversial political marriage of convenience with Polish and Czech centre-right MEPs.

    But the new 55-strong bloc, the “European Conservatives and Reformists Group” (ECRG), had barely taken their seats at the start of a five-year term when trouble erupted.

    Mr McMillan-Scott, who vigorously opposed Mr Cameron’s decision to break away from the EPP, made clear he was standing as one of the European Parliament’s vice-presidents – even though the new group’s official nominee was Polish MEP, Michael Kaminski.

    Sources in Strasbourg said Mr McMillan-Scott rejected a last-minute direct plea by Mr Cameron by phone not to go ahead, and stood as an “independent”.

    One Parliament insider said: “It was like a red rag to a bull.

    “Everyone knows that Edward was deeply unhappy that the Tories were leaving their traditional centre-right allies and this was his way of showing it.”

    The new ECRG alliance was forged in the wake of last month’s euro-elections, bringing together the 26 Tory MEPs, 15 MEPs from Poland’s Law and Justice Party (PiS) – which has been criticised for its homophobic stance – nine from the Czech Civic Democratic Party (ODS) and one MEP each from Dutch, Hungarian, Latvian, Hungarian and Belgian centre-right parties opposed to a federal Europe.

    Copyright (c) Press Association Ltd. 2009


  2. Contempt for history

    Wednesday 17 March 2010

    Again, nazi fogies of the Latvian Waffen SS division demonstrate, in Riga at the weekend, their utter contempt for the 61 million people who, during World War II, lost their lives on the allies side. Not a hint of remorse here.

    It’s OK, though. Laws permitting such outrage were democratically enacted by the Latvian parliament. Tellingly, the Lutheran cathedral opened its gates to these “defenders of freedom” whose belt buckles proclaimed confidently “God with us.”

    Hitler’s hordes occupied Latvia in June 1941 and many patriots joined the partisans. Those who preferred the SS did so because they shared its ideology of anti-semitism and anti-Bolshevism.

    They eagerly participated in the extermination of Latvian Jewry and, enthusiastically, in the profitable conquest of the Soviet Union. None of it had anything to do with defending Latvia as falsely claimed today.

    Jewish survivors recalled how “even before the nazis turned on us, we suffered at the hands of the Latvian fascists.”

    In one instance in Liepaja in early July 1941, 700 Jews were shot – murdered by members of a Latvian SD guard platoon, units of the 21st Latvian police battalion and members of the SD under the command of Fritz Dietrich.

    The Latvian auxiliary police, the infamous Einsatzgruppe, specialised in pogroms, looting, torture and rape. They needed little encouragement from their German paymasters.

    In the six months until December 1941 35,238 Latvian Jews were murdered – half the total number estimated to have fallen into nazi hands – 196 for every day of those six months.

    When in 1944 the Red Army liberated Latvia only a few hundred Jews remained.

    Ironically, fleeing Latvian fascists found refuge in the West as “displaced persons” enjoying the fake status of “victims of nazism” before being welcome to the US and beyond.

    Only a handful were ever persecuted for their crimes.

    Michal Boncza
    London NW8


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