Trump OK’s Bayer-Monsanto bee-killers’ corporate merger

This video from Britain says about itself:

Will Bayer & Monsanto Genetically Modify Bees?

24 October 2016

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the risks posed to bees by big chemical companies. As Theresa May‘s government half bans neonicotinoid pesticides, environmentalists are worried if the merger of Bayer and Monsanto will create genetically modified bees.

By Jon Queally in the USA today:

‘Merger From Hell’ Wins Approval From Trump DOJ

Green groups and opponents of the powerful corporate interests that dominate the global food system expressed dismay on Tuesday after the U.S. Department of Justice announced tentative approval of a merger between the U.S.-based agro-chemical company Monsanto and the German pharmaceutical giant Bayer.

Dubbed the “merger from hell” by critics, Trump’s DOJ reportedly mediated and approved a deal in which the two companies agreed to shed portions of their businesses as a way to alleviate monopoly concerns.

“The settlement,” reported Bloomberg, “came together after Justice Department antitrust officials pressed for significant divestitures to remedy the competition problems from combining the two companies. The companies have received antitrust approval from most jurisdictions around the world. Bayer has said it’s confident the deal will close by the June 14 deadline.”

Though predicted, the news was met with vocal displeasure by environmental groups and those opposed to a food system driven by consolidated corporate power, industrial-scale farming, and for-profit greed:

“This toxic mega-merger is another Trump Administration handout to an industry that’s poisoning people and the planet“, declared Tiffany Finck-Haynes, senior food futures campaigner with Friends of the Earth, in response to the announcement. “The Department of Justice is prioritizing corporate profits instead of listening to the 1 million Americans who spoke out against the merger. DOJ also failed to listen to more than 93 percent of polled farmers who are concerned about the merger.”

The American people, added Fink-Haynes, “deserve better than corporate monopolies that drive up food prices and put family farmers out of business. The DOJ’s weak divestment requirements will do nothing to stop BayerMonsanto from controlling more and more of our food system. This merger will damage the bargaining power of family farmers, prevent farmers from accessing diverse seed varieties, and allow seed prices to rise.”

Reposted with permission from our media associate Common Dreams.

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11 thoughts on “Trump OK’s Bayer-Monsanto bee-killers’ corporate merger

  1. Bloomberg News just reported a major jump in honeybee deaths: U.S. beekeepers have seen 40 percent of their hives dying unexpectedly during the past year.

    According to scientists, it’s not just pesticides anymore. Erratic weather driven by climate change is contributing to bee deaths.

    We have to act, and we have to do it now. Just a couple weeks ago, we helped kill a bill that would have exempted expanded use of bee-killing pesticides.

    But Bayer and Syngenta are still making a push to keep these pesticides on the market. To stop them, we need to be flooding member offices with calls and letters. We need to be holding folks accountable. We need to be organizing in districts. To do that we need you.

    The massive bee die-off is a catastrophe in the making. Without bees, we’d face extreme food shortages. Help LCV protect the pollinators. Renew your LCV membership today for $5 or more »

    LCV is tackling this challenge by doing what we do best — pushing lawmakers to protect our most vulnerable species. Our teams are Capitol Hill now, meeting with lawmakers to push for more protections for bees and to keep bee-killing pesticides from reaching the market. We have farmers, beekeepers, and an army of more than 2 million bee-loving LCV members on our side.

    With the help of our allies and grassroots pressure on lawmakers, the Farm Bill that contained two egregious anti-bee riders was defeated. One of those riders was the “Poisoned Pollinator Provision,” which exempted pesticides from protections that would safeguard endangered or threated species. It was a resounding defeat, but nothing is Washington stays down for long.

    The Trump administration and their allies in Congress have kept us on our toes. We are stretched thin. From taking on Scott Pruitt and his failed EPA leadership to the Ryan Zinke’s plan to slash our public lands, LCV has a lot on our plate. But we’re fighters — and we know that our members have our back.

    We’re battling on multiple fronts. And now we know that climate change AND pesticides are responsible for the historic honeybee die-off. It’s a new wrinkle and a new challenge to take on.

    That’s why we need you now.

    We can ramp us this fight and protect the pollinators, but not without the support of our members. Please renew your membership for $5 today »

    As Big Corporations try to discredit science and stop the EPA from protecting pollinators for the sake of their bottom line, we must build a bigger and stronger movement to stand up for our pollinators. We can stop them, but only if we all work together.

    Join the fight — protect the bees by renewing your LCV membership »

    As always, thank you for your support.

    Madeleine Foote
    Legislative Representative
    League of Conservation Voters


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