All bee species threatened by pesticides

This video says about itself:

Bees are going extinct…but not the ones you think

22 May 2018

You’ve probably heard for years that bees are in dire straits. Which is true…but it’s probably not the bees you’re thinking of. We talk to a bee researcher about what’s really at stake for bees, global agriculture, and all the almonds you’ve ever eaten.

14 thoughts on “All bee species threatened by pesticides

  1. What’s summer without lemonade, fresh peaches, or watermelon? It sounds like a sad season, but that could be our reality if our bee populations continue to decline. Last year, we lost nearly 33% of U.S. honeybee colonies, and that’s a trend that will continue if we don’t act now.

    LCV is fighting hard to save the bees — taking on corporate giants that make bee-killing pesticides and beating back bills that would make spraying those pesticides even easier.

    But to keep this work going, we need your support. One of the best ways you can fight back is by sporting one of LCV’s organic, bee-friendly products today! 100% of the proceeds go toward our critical environmental work — and you’ll look bee-autiful wearing them!

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    Thank you for supporting our bees,

    Maggie Bruns
    Director of Member Programs
    League of Conservation Voters


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