3 thoughts on “‘Deutsche Bank made Trump president’

  1. Thank you for this information. While I can’t believe the Trump presidency is based on Deutsche Bank. But it is becoming increasingly clear that those people whose ancestors already ruled from castles and were later responsible for two world wars, had not lost a penny whose money, but whose descendants had lost a fortune based on forced labour and murder. Received. These people “rule ” to this day not only Germany. Have a nice weekend! Michael


    • Apparently, without Deutsche Bank, Trump would have been bankrupt and unable to campaign for the presidency. Many other factors also contributed, like the support of roughly half of the US ruling class, of the religious right, etc. And the uninspiring Hillary Clinton candidacy.

      I wish you a good weekend as well!

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      • This is true Kitty! Otherwise Trump till soon was the only one uncovered the deception of the German automotive industry, and the lack of German involvement in conflicts in which Germany has so far earned very well. At least he is not the president someone wishes to have. ;-( Michael

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