Turkish government attacks terrorists … whoops, teachers

This video says about itself:

Turkish weapons ‘heading to end in ISIS hands’: RT speaks to Cumhuriyet journalists

1 December 2015

Anger over the arrest of two prominent journalists is gathering steam in Turkey. Police used pepper spray to push back protesters in Ankara rallying in their support… while in Istanbul, hundreds also gathered outside the newspaper’s headquarters in a show of solidarity.

In September 2015, the Egyptian military dictatorship killed twelve terroristswhoops-a-daisy, they turned out to be Mexican tourists.

Maybe Tony Blair, extremely well-paid adviser to the Sisi dictatorship in Egypt, has advised the Egyptian regime to have a very broad definition of who is a ‘terrorist’? Just like when Mr Blair was still Prime Minister of Britain? After all, the words ‘terrorist’ and ‘tourist’ both have the letters t, r, s and i. [sarcasm off]

Also in September 2015, Dutch police arrested a terrorist … whoops-a-daisy, he was a homeless teenager. However, that teenager looked like a Muslim, and according to racists all Muslims are terroristsNOT!

Now, on to 1 September 2016. Dutch police in a supermarket in Medemblik town have arrested two terrorists … whoops-a-daisy, they were tourists.

Now, on to today. The Turkish government has suspended 11,500 teachers. This comes after the thousands of teachers already suspended for supposed links to the Gülen movement, spuriously accused of complicity in the recent military coup attempt in Turkey (even the most ham-fisted coup plotting army colonel will not involve thousands of teachers in his putsch plans).

This new wave of suspensions of teachers is not about the Gülen movement, but about teachers suspected of sympathy for the leftist HDP opposition party and Turkish and Syrian Kurdish parties. This makes those teachers ‘terrorists’ according to Turkish President Erdogan. While the Turkish and Syrian Kurds are the only effective opponent of the real terrorists, ISIS.

After all, the words ‘terrorist’ and ‘teacher’ both have the letters t, e, and r. [sarcasm off]

21 thoughts on “Turkish government attacks terrorists … whoops, teachers

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