Turkish President Erdogan takes selfie at soldier’s funeral, imitating Tony Blair

Turkish President Erdogan takes selfie at soldier's funeral, imitating Tony Blair

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Turkish police raid at magazine’s office because of Erdogan selfie

Today, 14:09

The Turkish police have raided the magazine Nokta. The magazine had a photomontage on its cover showing that President Erdogan takes a selfie during the funeral of a Turkish soldier.

The Turkish counterterrorism unit this morning at 8.30 invaded the magazine’s office in Istanbul and seized various documents. The edition with the photograph of Erdogan on the cover was taken from the shops across the country.

Also it was said that the Twitter account of Nokta was closed because of “insulting the president” and “spreading terrorism“. However, at the moment the account is still online.

Not anymore in 2018.


The photomontage shows Erdogan taking a photograph of himself at the coffin of a Turkish soldier killed in fighting with the Kurdish PKK. By placing the photo Nokta stands accused of helping opponents of the president.

They claim that Erdogan uses the conflict with the PKK to win support for his AK Party. The editors of the magazine say they were inspired by an edited photograph in 2013 of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Blair on it takes a selfie near an explosion during the war in Iraq.

Tony Blair selfie while Iraq explodes, by Peter Kennard

This month the Dutch journalist Fréderike Geerdink was arrested in Turkey and deported. She reported on the fighting between the PKK and the Turkish army. She said that she was afraid that journalists in Turkey are at the whim of the military.

Turkish government and ISIS: here. And here.

32 thoughts on “Turkish President Erdogan takes selfie at soldier’s funeral, imitating Tony Blair

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  2. Yes the magazine has been raided, and an investigation by prosecutors was ordered (by guess who) immediately. The magazine in question had other controversial cover pages in the past: infamous past PM, president was montages over a well-known Marilyn Monroe image, the then director of National Higher Education board montaged doing #2 on a well-known university building. What outrages Erdogan about this picture is clear, though.. After a recent “live shot” showing him with his hand on the coffin of a dead soldier, using it as an occassion to make a political speech with a microphone in the other hand, he knows very well that most people seeing the montage will believe he had actually taken that selfie …


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