Chukar partridge headbutts Turkish President Erdogan

This is a 14 August 2015 video from Turkey. It shows Turkish President Erdogan at the opening ceremony of a mosque. Part of that ceremony was a cage with pigeons and a chukar partidge inside.

The idea was that Erdogan would set the birds free ceremonially. However, the birds had other ideas.

Most Turkish people don’t really like Erdogan, as the recent elections showed. Polls about the next elections, on 1 November 2015, say so far that even less Turkish people will like Erdogan then. The chukar partridge apparently wanted to show that it did not intend to vote for Erdogan either …

Chukar partridge headbutts Turkish President Erdogan

From (with more photos there):

Renegade partridge headbutts Turkish president at mosque opening

By Sam Hayson

17 August 2015

LONDON — Whenever animals are used in shows, speeches, or — as in this case — to mark the inauguration of a mosque, there’s the potential for something to go badly wrong.

This is something Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan discovered Friday, when he attempted to release a group of birds to mark the opening of a new mosque in Rize – and ended up having a head-on collision with a partridge.

Things got off to a shaky start when the birds proved reluctant to take part in the ceremony.

The President tried to use an umbrella for encouragement, but didn’t have much luck.

Suddenly, disaster struck.

The bird proceeded to scramble over Erdogan’s head while photographers captured the moment.

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