‘Tony Blair’s ‘charity’ mainly charitable for Tony Blair’

This video from Britain is called Blair rakes in money from Iraqi Oil while Middle East Peace Envoy.

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Tony Blair lambasted by former employee over role in own charity

Tony Blair Faith Foundation rejects claims by former website editor that patron had ‘inescapable’ role in charity operations

Rowena Mason, political correspondent

Sunday 3 August 2014 19.19 BST

Tony Blair‘s faith charity has hit back at an ex-staff member who raised questions about the amount of time the foundation devoted to protecting the reputation of the former prime minister.

Martin Bright, a former website editor for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, wrote about his five-month job in an article for the Mail on Sunday, saying there was much that was “puzzling or frankly weird” about the former prime minister’s web of charity and business interests.

In an account of his time running the foundation’s website about religion and geopolitics, he said Blair continues to use a ministerial-style “red box” for his urgent correspondence and was a strong presence at the charity.

“The Faith Foundation is an independent charity with Tony Blair as its patron. He is not supposed to have any executive role,” Bright wrote .

“But it was clear from the outset that his tanned, expensively dressed presence was inescapable. He was the main draw for potential funders and his reputation was to be protected at all costs. This sometimes made things complicated. Long meetings were held to decide our position on Iraq in the light of the forthcoming Chilcot inquiry or how we would approach the Israel-Palestine conflict.

“We tiptoed around Blair’s business interests in Kazakhstan, Romania and the Gulf. Stories that the charity’s patron might be advising the new government of Egypt were a nightmare.”

Bright also raised questions about why a small charity needed to occupy “ritzy offices in a West End tower block” as well as employing a five-person communications department “whose sole aim seemed to be to say as little as possible”.

The journalist, who has worked for many publications, including the Guardian and is now freelance, said he resigned after beginning to feel doubts about being at the organisation, which he said spent “huge amounts of time ensuring the website didn’t embarrass Blair“.

Blair‘s increasingly strident position on the world stage clearly is affecting the ability of his charities to work independently,” he wrote. “I always found Tony himself engaging, committed and utterly genuine in his belief that we need a better understanding of the role religion plays in global conflict.

“But something always jarred about the grandness of it all. He doesn’t do humility and nor do his organisations. Perhaps that’s his tragedy.”

Bright also questioned the foundation’s decision to go on a trip funded by an organisation linked to Saudi Arabia’s repressive regime, why it banned his department from using Twitter, and its use of unpaid interns.

“My suggestion that people should be paid for their work did not go down well. I was told I needed to get a better understanding of the charity’s ethos,” he wrote.

Bright said he was also blocked from publishing an article explaining the role the Foreign Office had played in legitimising the Muslim Brotherhood during Jack Straw‘s time as foreign secretary under Blair’s leadership.

STUDENT Erol Incedal was acquitted yesterday of targeting Tony Blair and his wife Cherie Blair as part of a terrorist plot in Britain’s first ever secret terror trial. The 27-year-old broke down in tears s he was found not guilty after a retrial at the Old Bailey of plotting to attack high-profile individuals or carry out a “Mumbai-style” outrage: here.

35 thoughts on “‘Tony Blair’s ‘charity’ mainly charitable for Tony Blair’

  1. No politician should be allowed any business interests while he holds office.Directorships should be suspended for the duration. It’s not as though they’re poorly paid.No trips at the expense of any foreign power- even those supposedly friendly to us and no corporate gifts. Most of us don’t get perks from the job. most of us will not receive a huge pension based on less than a lifetime of service as will MP’s and even worse Gordon Brown was an unelected PM for about 5 mins but will get a pension based on his Prime Ministerial salary.
    MP’s need to be much more accountable to the public.
    xxx Hugs xxx


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