UK, Tony Blair’s ex-friend Robert Harris on civil liberties now

This satirical music video is called Bush Blair Endless Love.

In the paper edition of Dutch daily Leidsch Dagblad of 15 November 2007, there is an interview with British thriller novelist Robert Harris about his new book The Ghost; headlined ‘Ik benut de vrijheid om satire te maken’.

Harris is an ex-personal friend of Tony Blair.

About the situation now, after almost ten years of Blair, he says in the interview (translated from Dutch):

We live in an Orwellian society and have gone to the level of considering torturing people accepted civilized behaviour. I grew up with the belief that the West stood for certain rules, laws, and civilized behaviour. However, during the latest five, six years, the people have been lied to. I would never have thought that my own government would sink to that level. Of course we must fight terrorism. However, with the ways used now, our leaders instill fear into us. We are brainwashed, and are starting to consider it to be normal that we have to get our shoes off at a control gate at an airport.

Film of The Ghost, by Roman Polanski: here.

Polanski arrest could delay ‘Tony Blair’ film: here. See also here.

Tony Blair is a tragic narcissist with a messiah complex, says Robert Harris. Bestselling novelist and former friend criticises ex-PM for turning his back on British politics to ‘hang out with rich people’: here.

7 thoughts on “UK, Tony Blair’s ex-friend Robert Harris on civil liberties now

  1. POETRY: Poem of the week
    edited by JOHN RETY

    Go Polish Your Bugle (after Tommy by Rudyard Kipling).

    Go polish your bugle
    please bang your drum.

    We have no bullets
    to put in your gun.

    You’ll be smart and march,
    drill with precision.

    Never mind that there’s
    no ammunition.

    Your gun, it will jam
    but please wipe it still.

    It needs to be clean
    when they come for the kill.

    They’ll pinch your pension
    deny that you’re ill,
    bully, torment you.
    Expect heroes still.

    Church fathers will grab you
    pious words for their god,
    they’ll not go to war
    that’s for you poor sod.

    Politicians’ll tell you
    that all is OK
    and those that did wrong
    stay hidden away.

    We’ll polish bugles
    bang sombre drums
    regret that we had
    no bullets for your guns.

    About the poet
    Anthony Fisher is an industrial chemist, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and has been writing poems for the past eight years. This poem was written in 2000.

    John Rety of Hearing Eye Press and Torriano Meeting House is a former editor of anarchist paper Freedom.



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