UN says US a ‘negative role model’ for global torture

This video from the USA is called Law expert: Bush ordered torture.

From The Age in Australia:

US a ‘negative role model’ for global torture

Ian Munro, New York

October 31, 2007

THE willingness of the US to resort to harsh interrogation techniques in its so-called war on terror undermines human rights and the international ban on torture, a UN spokesman says.

UN special rapporteur on torture Manfred Nowak said yesterday that the standing and importance of the United States meant it was a model to other countries. He said those countries queried why they were scrutinised when the US resorted to measures witnessed at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prison.

Mr Nowak was speaking after releasing his finding that the use of torture was routine and widespread in Sri Lanka, despite laws against it.

“I am very concerned about the undermining of the absolute prohibition of torture by interrogation methods themselves in Abu Ghraib, in Guantanamo Bay and others, but also by rendition and the whole CIA secret places of detention,” he said.

All that is really undermining the international rule of law in general and human rights, but also the prohibition of torture.

“(Other countries) say ‘why are you criticising us if the US, the most democratic country with the oldest history of human rights, if they are torturing, you should first go there’.

“It has a negative effect because the US is a very powerful and important country and many other countries take the US as a model.”

Also published in the Sydney Morning Herald.

3 thoughts on “UN says US a ‘negative role model’ for global torture

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