Blair plans to teach religion at Yale

Blair and the Iraq war, cartoon

This video is about George W Bush being afraid of being charged with War Crimes.

From British daily The Guardian:

Peace broker, bank adviser and lecturer, now Blair plans to teach religion at Yale …

Yale, the Ivy League alma mater of his good friend George Bush, confirmed yesterday that the former prime minister is to join the schools of management and divinity at the campus in New Haven, Connecticut, in the autumn. He will teach a course on faith and globalisation, looking at religion in the modern world.

Tony Blair has claimed that God is supposedly on his side in the Iraq war. However, both Blair’s church when he started the war, the Church of England; and his present church, the Roman Catholic church, have condemned the Iraq war.

Tony Blair does not have any academic qualifications to teach religion.

This is a dark day in the history of Yale University. Surely, Yale would not appoint Charles Manson or another serial murderer as a professor of law or something? Then, why appoint someone who is c0-responsible for over a million dead in Iraq?

Tony Blair should not teach religion or anything else at Yale or any other university.

He should be in a courtroom facing accusations for war crimes in Iraq and elsewhere.

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