Britain: Tony Blair’s bloody legacy: Iraq

This video is called: Greenspan: ‘Iraq war all about OIL’.

From British daily The Independent:

Blair’s bloody legacy: Iraq

On the 10th anniversary of Tony Blair‘s election as Prime Minister, an exclusive poll reveals 69 per cent of Britons believe that, when he leaves office, his enduring legacy will be the bloody conflict in Iraq

By Andrew Grice
Published: 01 May 2007

Seven out of 10 people believe that Iraq will prove to be Tony Blair’s most enduring legacy, according to an opinion poll for The Independent to mark the 10th anniversary today of the election victory that brought him to power.

As the Prime Minister prepares to announce his resignation next week, the survey by CommunicateResearch reveals that 69 per cent of the British public believe he will be remembered most for the Iraq war.

Remarkably, his next highest “legacy rating” – just 9 per cent – is for his relationship with the American President, George Bush.

Four years after the US-led invasion, Iraq still dwarfs all other issues.

Only 6 per cent of voters believe Mr Blair will be remembered most for the Northern Ireland peace process, which he will hail as an important part of his legacy when self-government is restored in the province a week today.

Just 3 per cent think the Prime Minister will be remembered most for the cash-for-honours affair, with the same proportion citing the introduction of the national minimum wage and being associated with “spin“.

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