Tony Blair, new documentary film

This video from Britain says about itself:

13 July 2016

Trailer: The Killing$ of Tony Blair

By Maria Duarte in Britain:

The deadly Blair Rich Project

Friday 22nd July 2016

A new documentary on the disgraced war criminal lays bare his grim legacy of genocide and greed, says MARIA DUARTE

The Killing$ of Tony Blair (15)
Directed by Sanne Van Den Burgh, Daniel Turi and Greg Ward

AFTER the Chilcot report, which showed “Teflon Tony” riding once more into the breach and unrepentant about his decision to go to war in Iraq, comes this sobering documentary outlining his deadly, far-reaching legacy and the financial greed of Tony Blair Inc.

Co-written, produced and presented by George Galloway, this crowd-funded film investigates the three killings of Tony Blair — those of the Labour Party, the hundreds of thousands of innocent people killed in Iraq during and after the war and the huge financial killing that he has made as a public speaker and a political consultant after leaving office — dubbed the Blair Rich Project by Galloway.

Through interviews with leading observers, former ambassadors, a UN weapons inspector, political journalists and politicos during Blair’s time in office, combined with extensive archive footage, the film paints a disturbing picture of a slick, ruthless and avaricious operator.

His sister-in-law Lauren Booth describes him as a charmer and how, if he came into the room, he would charm even Galloway and make his heart flutter. Galloway responds that he would have to arrest him thereafter.

While the documentary does not reveal any astounding new truths about the former Labour prime minister or the Iraq war, it does remind us of the events that led to it and its devastating legacy.

What is more fascinating — and shocking — is the film’s assertion that Blair traded policy for cash and how he allegedly used his time in office to secure his future once he left politics.

Its analysis of his relationship with Rupert Murdoch and the Bernie Ecclestone affair is similarly illuminating.

Galloway does point out some of Blair’s achievements such as the introduction of the national minimum wage, cutting child poverty significantly and brokering peace in Northern Ireland.

Yet Blair’s private finance initiatives were privatisation by the back door and big business boomed under New Labour due to an absence of regulation.

The film outlines how Blair joined JPMorgan Chase bank once he left Downing Street and used his global contacts to reportedly broker deals for them. And he’s acted as a lucratively paid consultant for dictators and delivered hour-long speeches for hundreds of thousands of pounds. Generally, he’s cashed in on the Iraq war and that leaves a more than nasty taste in the mouth.

Along with the political turmoil of the last few weeks, this is another timely reminder of why many voters feel disenfranchised and have lost faith in politicians.

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