Turkish teachers against Erdogan’s war on Syria

This tweet by the Turkish teachers‘ trade union EĞİTİM SEN says (translated):

Education workers have always defended life and peace, not death or killing. Against war! Only life and peace.

With the hashtag ##AfrinSavaşınaHAYIR=Afrin invasion NO.

In the picture is the slogan Only by peace, with a dove of peace.

This is a very courageous stand by the Turkish teachers, as Turkish dictator Erdogan has threatened cruel repression against pro-peace people.

Turkey Detains 24 People Over Social Media Comments on Syria: here.

Anti-war article from Turkey: here.

TURKEY’S assault on the Syrian Kurdish community of Afrin continues. It represents a further and very dangerous escalation of military interventions by Nato powers in Syria: here. And here.

EARLIER this month women gathered in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) in the city of Derek for the first ever conference on jineology — a Kurdish term meaning “the science of women,” which is aimed at developing a sociology, and practice behind it, based on truth and equality. Women from every ethnicity and religion of northern Syria, from all four parts of Kurdistan and across the world, joined the conference and expressed their excitement in participating in creating history: here.

8 thoughts on “Turkish teachers against Erdogan’s war on Syria

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