Sisi regime kills Egyptian, Mexican terrorists … oops, tourists

This 14 September 2015 video says about itself:

Egypt Police Kill Tourists: At least five Mexicans taken to Cairo hospital.

From the BBC today:

Mexican tourists killed by Egyptian security forces

10 minutes ago

Security forces in Egypt have mistakenly killed 12 people, including Mexican tourists, during an anti-terror operation, the interior ministry says.

Maybe Tony Blair, extremely well-paid adviser to the Sisi dictatorship in Egypt, has advised the Egyptian regime to have a very broad definition of who is a ‘terrorist’? After all, the words ‘terrorist’ and ‘tourist’ both have the letters t, r and i. [sarcasm off]

The tourists were travelling in four vehicles that entered a restricted zone in the Wahat area of the Western Desert, a ministry statement said.

Ten Mexicans and Egyptians were also injured and are being treated in a local hospital.

The ministry said it had formed a team to investigate the incident.

Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto condemned the incident and said he had “demanded an exhaustive investigation by the Egyptian government”.

The Mexican foreign ministry confirmed that at least two of its nationals had been killed and said it was working to confirm the identities of the other victims.

In a statement, it said Mexico’s ambassador in Egypt, Jorge Alvarez Fuentes, had visited the local hospital and spoken to five Mexicans who were in a stable condition.

‘Mistakenly dealt with’

The statement (in Arabic) from Egypt’s interior ministry said the four vehicles the tourists were travelling in were “mistakenly dealt with” during a joint military police and armed forces operation.

It said the incident happened on Sunday in an area that “was off limits to foreign tourists”, but it did not give an exact location.

The group of tourists was preparing to camp out in the vast Western Desert when they came under fire.

According to the interior ministry’s statement, the security forces were pursuing Islamic militants in the desert, and targeted the four vehicles which were away from the main road with an Apache helicopter, which shot and hit the four vehicles.

The tour company transporting the tourists “did not have permits and did not inform authorities”, tourism ministry spokesman Rasha Azaz told the Associated Press news agency.

But a local source – who claims to have spoken to one of the drivers for the tour group – told the BBC that they had liaised with the authorities and even had a police escort.

The vast Western Desert area is popular with foreign sightseers, but is also attractive to militants, reports the BBC’s Orla Guerin in Cairo.

Last month, a Croatian engineer was beheaded there by the so-called Islamic State (IS).

The area – which borders Libya – is a gateway to the long border and weapons are available on the other side, our correspondent adds.

ISIS terrorists are now in Libya (and Egypt) because of NATO’s ‘humanitarian’ war on Libya, as the Tunisian government has remarked. And they are able to get some undeserved support from some people in Egypt because the Sisi dictatorship is not an attractive alternative.

UPDATE: surviving tourists say that the Egyptian air force attacked them with aircraft and helicopters.

An Egyptian government Apache helicopter gunship targeted a convoy of vehicles carrying foreign tourists in Egypt’s Western Desert on Sunday, destroying four vehicles and killing 12 people, including at least eight Mexican nationals. At least one American citizen may also have been among those killed in the incident, according to the US State Department: here.

Sharm el-Sheikh flight from Stansted dodged missile last August. Thomson Airways plane heading to Egyptian resort forced to take evasive action after projectile [probably fired by Egyptian army] spotted by pilot, British government confirms: here.

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  2. Monday 14th August 2015

    posted by Morning Star in World

    President Sissi asks oil minister to put together new cabinet

    EGYPT’S government resigned on Saturday amid mounting unrest and a corruption scandal involving the agriculture minister.

    President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi asked Oil Minister Sherif Ismail to form a new cabinet within a week.

    The office of the president said he had accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb and his ministers, but they would continue to serve until a new government has been appointed.

    Before handing in his resignation, Mr Mehleb provided a report detailing the performance of the government, which, according to two officials from the president’s office, Mr Sissi found “unsatisfying.”

    The resignation came less than a week after agriculture minister Salah El Din Mahmoud Helal quit over allegations that he had taken bribes in exchange for granting land titles.

    He was arrested shortly after handing in his resignation and leaving the cabinet building.

    Egypt has also been battling an increasingly fierce Islamic State (Isis) insurgency in the Sinai peninsula and a number of other issues have fuelled rising discontent with the

    Last week, the higher education minister reportedly attempted to exempt the children of judges and army and police officers from unpopular regulations which restrict where Egyptians can attend university.

    In May, the justice minister suggested that the children of sanitation workers could never aspire to be judges.

    The prime minister, a former construction magnate and prominent member of ex-dictator Hosni Mubarak’s now-defunct National Democratic Party, angered many in July when he suggested that the country’s youth consider driving auto-rickshaws, known as tok-toks, instead of counting on government employment.

    In addition, Mr Sissi has approved a new civil service law that many believe will dramatically reduce the country’s six million-strong public-sector workforce.

    The former army general was installed in power by the 2013 military coup that toppled the Muslim Brotherhood government, after it was accused of ordering the shooting of protesters.

    The Muslim Brotherhood government, headed by president Mohamed Morsi, had been elected following the 2011 overthrow of the US-backed Mubarak regime. Since his overthrow, Mr Morsi has been convicted on a raft of charges and sentenced to death in May.

    Egypt will hold parliamentary elections next month, as promised by the government following the coup.


  3. Wednesday 23rd September 2015

    posted by Morning Star in World

    HRW slams mass evictions and demolitions

    by Our Foreign Desk

    HUMAN Rights Watch warned yesterday that Egypt’s military “violated international law” through mass home demolitions and evictions along its Gaza border.

    Egypt’s army has created a wide buffer zone in the town of Rafah, where it says tunnels allow in fighters and weapons from Palestine.

    “The large-scale destruction of at least 3,255 buildings in Rafah to counter the smuggling tunnels was disproportionate and did not meet Egypt’s obligations under international human rights law or the laws of war,” said the human rights group.

    Since July 2013 “the military has arbitrarily razed thousands of homes, destroying entire neighbourhoods and hundreds of acres of farmland,” it said.

    “Destroying homes, neighbourhoods, and livelihoods is a textbook example of how to lose a counterinsurgency campaign,” said HRW Middle East and North Africa head Sarah Leah Whitson.

    “The Egyptian authorities provided residents little or no warning of the evictions, no temporary housing, mostly inadequate compensation for their destroyed homes — none at all for their farmland.”

    The Egyptian government said that its Sinai campaign complied with “international human rights laws.”

    It insisted residents along the border had been consulted before work began on the buffer zone and most had demanded, and received, compensation.

    “Compensation for private property was dispensed to local residents,” the government said.

    Egypt’s official plan for the buffer zone calls for clearing about 30 square miles on the Gaza border, including all of Rafah, a town of about 78,000 people, HRW said.

    “The Egyptian army has failed to explain why it cannot use … non-destructive means for detecting and neutralising tunnels,” it said, adding that Egyptian troops had received training from the US army since 2008.

    “The US and other Western nations that arm the Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi government look the other way when his forces abuse citizens under the dubious logic that he is aiding the fight against Islamic State,” Ms Whitson said.

    The organisation said that video footage showed an US-made M60 tank shelling a building to demolish it.

    It called on the US to make sure its weapons aren’t being used in violation of human rights.


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