‘Terrorist’ turns out to be homeless teenager

Heavily armed policeman arrests boy in Rotterdam

On 18 August 2015, yesterday, corporate media gave the impression that International Islamic Terrorism was at it again. A bit like the panic about a ‘bomb’ made by a 14-year-old Muslim boy in Texas, USA, which turned out to be a self-invented clock.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

The person who yesterday for hours locked himself into the toilet of the Thalys train at Rotterdam Central Station is a boy of 16. That said his lawyer.

The lawyer can right now not say anything about his identity because the investigation . However, he says that the boy only wanted to travel by train without paying and there was therefore no terrorist motive.

The boy wanted to go to Paris, says the lawyer. …

No identification

Police said the identity of the boy has not yet been finalized, because he had no identification card in his pocket, is confused and must be talked to with the aid of an interpreter.

However, a spokesman confirmed that the police assume that he is a 16-year-old homeless boy. The police think the boy wanted to travel to France without a ticket.

There is no indication, according to the police, that the boy had any terrorist motives.


Yesterday the Thalys and much of Rotterdam Central Station were evacuated after the man

as reported at first. Rather, ‘the boy’

had jumped at the last moment aboard and had locked himself in the toilet.

He turned out to be unarmed and did not resist. After the arrest, the man

rather: boy

was taken away on a stretcher because he was hyperventilating.

‘Police over-reacted’: here.

Update: Police no longer considers boy suspect of a crime: here.

British tourists who ‘looked Middle Eastern’ caught up in terror scare in Canada. The men from Manchester aroused suspicion after using their phone cameras in a shopping mall: here.

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