Stop anti-refugee media lies, Dutch court decides

This video, recorded in Britain in the 1940s, is called Historic Archival Stock Footage World War II – U.S. Troops Entertain Dutch Refugees.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Syrian refugee wins against PowNed in summary proceedings court case

Today, 17:49

Broadcasting corporation PowNed

PowNed are right-wingers, comparable to Fox News in the USA. Or to the broadcasting branch of Hungarian neo-nazi party Jobbik; a journalist of which kicked refugee children.

acted unlawfully, according to the district court in Amsterdam, by interviewing a Syrian refugee under false pretenses. The reporter did not make herself known as a journalist and pretended to be a student.

In addition, the statements of the man were taken out of context in the broadcast, the court decided.

Powned did not accept the verdict and will appeal.


The Syrian Ahmed demanded reparation because the broadcaster had given the impression that he had fled to the Netherlands in order to get laid. PowNed must pay the man 2,500 euros compensation and must do everything to get the video off the Internet. …


The recording was in late September. The PowNed reporter asked questions ostensibly for a study project about cultural differences; about abortion, homosexuality and Dutch girls who supposedly often “drink like animals and have sex with many men.”

Ahmed told about his stay in a hospital in Greece. Because his testicles were swollen, a doctor advised him to have sex or to masturbate, he said.

Ahmed had continued, saying that he had disregarded the doctor’s advice, as he and other asylum seekers did not really think much about sex after four years of war and a month on the run. However, PowNed had excluded that from their broadcast.

Million times

Only the statements about the swollen testicles and the advice were broadcast. That made it look like Ahmed came to the Netherlands looking for sex, said his lawyer Channa Samkalden.

The film went on social media around the world and on Facebook it got one million hits. After the broadcast slogans appeared during [anti-refugee] demonstrations like: “A refugee with full testicles will easily rape your daughter.”

Another anti refugee slogan on a refugee-hating demonstration was ‘If your daughter is twelve years old, then a refugee will rape her’. While it looks more like underage girls should beware of (ex-)politicians of Geert Wilders‘ xenophobic PVV party; like ex-MEP Daniël van der Stoep, jailed recently for grooming minor girls.

After the interview relatives and friends broke off the contact with Ahmed. They thought that he had dishonoured them. Ahmed was also accused of tarnishing the reputations of refugees.

Update: on appeal, PowNed had to pay 2500 euros to Ahmed.

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