Refugees thank Amsterdam city

In this video, refugees thank Amsterdam city for helping.

NOS TV in the Netherlands writes about this today (translated):

In movies which will be broadcast during the coming weeks on [Amsterdam local TV] AT5, refugees thank Amsterdam for the hospitality shown. The refugees thank, each in their own language, the local council and the Amsterdam people for the reception and assistance.

The commercials were made by three organizations involved in the relief effort: HVO-Querido, the Salvation Army and the Rainbow Group.

According to the organizations Amsterdam people show every day that they are involved in the cause of the refugees. They bring clothes or toys, do volunteer work and activities are organized to welcome the refugees.

SUSAN SARANDON: SEARCHING FOR REFUGEES “Babies are passed into volunteers arms, wet shoes and socks removed, blankets distributed. There are tears of relief. These boats arrived safely. With inexperienced drivers, chosen randomly at the helm, this is not always the case.” [HuffPost]

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