Dutch rightist TV defames war refugee as ‘sex maniac’

This video from the USA says about itself:

Syrian Refugees Escaping ISIS Put Lives at Risk on Dangerous Seas | NBC Nightly News

19 August 2015

The brutality of ISIS and the ongoing war in Syria has triggered the biggest wave of refugees in modern history.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Refugee sues broadcasting organisation PowNed

Today, 19:59

A Syrian asylum seeker will go to court to demand the rectification of broadcasting by PowNed.

PowNed are right-wingers, comparable to Fox News in the USA. Or to the broadcasting branch of Hungarian neo-nazi party Jobbik; a journalist of which kicked refugee children.

That broadcaster pretended in a broadcast on October 1 that the man came to the Netherlands looking for sex.

The complainant says that an interview was made under false pretenses, that the recordings have been cut and pasted misleadingly, and that his statements were taken out of context. After the broadcast appeared during [extreme right anti-refugee] demonstrations and in TV broadcasts texts [on banners] like ‘A refugee with full testicles will easily rape your daughter.”

Another anti refugee slogan on a refugee-hating demonstration was ‘If your daughter is twelve years old, then a refugee will rape her’. While it looks more like underage girls should beware of (ex-)politicians of Geert Wilders‘ xenophobic PVV party; like ex-MEP Daniël van der Stoep, indicted today for grooming minor girls.

In late September complainant Ahmed and other asylum seekers in emergency accommodation in Apeldoorn were questioned by a PowNed reporter. She pretended to be a student or scientist and the recordings would supposedly be used only for study purposes.

Sex or masturbation

She asked questions about sexuality. Ahmed said he and other asylum seekers did not think about that after four years of war and a month on the run. To underline his story, he told about a hospital in Greece. Because his testicles were swollen a doctor strongly recommended to him to have sex or to masturbate. But because of his religious beliefs and morality in marriage he ignored this advice.

In the broadcast was only visible for the TV audience the clip in which Ahmed says that a doctor advised him to have sex or to masturbate. It seemed like he was looking for sex in the Netherlands, says his lawyer Channa Samkalden. The fragment went through social media around the world and was on Facebook with one million hits. Also on many Arab sites the fragment emerged, with strong reactions everywhere.


Since the broadcast Ahmed lives in isolation, he says. Family and friends have broken off contact, his marriage is under pressure and other asylum seekers blame him for supposedly having shown a wrong picture of Syrian refugees.

Ahmed wants a lawsuit to clear his name. He demands rectification and also wants PowNed to remove the clip from the internet. The lawsuit is on December 1 in Amsterdam.

Indeed, the reporter had not disclosed being an employee of PowNed, says Dominique Weesie of the broadcasting organisation.

See also here.

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