Christmas dinner for refugees in Dutch Nijmegen

This November 2015 video about a pro refugee demonstration is called Nijmegen Refugees Welcome Sign Up.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Asylum seekers in Nijmegen still get Christmas dinner

Today, 12:44

Nijmegen people and asylum seekers will still eat together, to compensate for the canceled cooking night earlier this week. Regional broadcasters Omroep Gelderland reports that the municipal council has invited a group of refugees to join them at their annual Christmas dinner.

Last Monday night volunteers in a nursing home planned to have a cooking evening for Nijmegen people and residents of refugee emergency shelters in Heumensoord. Website GeenStijl

xenophobic right-wingers, linked to xenophobic PowNed broadcasting corporation

wrote about the plan and PVV

Geert Wildersrefugee hating party

politician Marjolein Faber called on her supporters to come to protest against the cookery evening. She suggested that the elderly residents would be endangered by the presence of asylum seekers.

That was Ms Faber’s ‘fertile’ imagination. Not one of the elderly people at the nursing home had complained.

Volunteers organising the cooking evening received many offensive and threatening reactions, and thus was created a threatening atmosphere so that the organization decided to cancel the evening.


The Nijmegen councilors said they are appalled by those threats and insults. “Intimidation and threats, that is an atmosphere which we worry about,” said the Nijmegen political party caucus chairs.

Ms Faber’s PVV does not have a single seat in the Nijmegen local council. She lives about as far from Nijmegen as one can live in Gelderland province. She is involved in a financial scandal.

The City Council wishes to express its support for the volunteers. “We are proud of the many volunteers who endeavour to make the stay of the refugees as dignified as possible. Therefore, we will invite them and a group of refugees at the annual Christmas dinner of this city council.”

Skating for refugees in The Hague: here.

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