Xenophobe Wilders’ spokesman stole 175,000 euros taxpayers’ money

Michael Heemels, ANP photo

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Limburg PVV politician stole 175,000 euros from party assets

Today, 18:18

Ex-party leader Michael Heemels of the PVV in Limburg province stole about 175,000 euros from his party since 2011 to pay for his drink and drug addiction. This is according to research by an independent auditor commissioned by the PVV. L1 broadcasting corporation knows the investigation results.

The PVV obtained the 175,000 euros from the province of Limburg. The money was intended for expenses made by the provincial assembly group. The leaders of the other parties to the Provincial Council are shocked by the extent of the amount. They want the PVV to repay everything.

Fairy tale world

Heemels resigned a few weeks ago after it became known that he had stolen from the PVV. He was also the press officer of PVV leader Geert Wilders.

In a letter to the Provincial Council Heemels apologized for “the mess I’ve caused.” He wrote that he lived in a fairy tale world where he has fooled everyone for years.

One should hope that Heemels’ boss Wilders will soon also realize that he lives in a fairy tale world where he has fooled everyone for years.

Geert Wilders’ homophobic Australian allies: here.

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