Dutch government party Trump-like anti-journalism on financial scandal

This 26 April 2017 Dutch TV video is about the cooperative undertakers’ organisation financial scandal of VVD party president Henry Keizer.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Refusal of journalists by VVD ‘is a shame for the Netherlands’

Today, 12:37

The Dutch VVD is the biggest party in the present two-party government coalition. It is a pro-Big Business party, quite often plagued by corruption scandals.

The recent general election meant that the VVD lost eight MPs, and the VVD-PvdA coalition lost their majority.

At present, the VVD is negotiating with three other parties to form a new coalition government.

This week, Dutch site Follow the Money published on the iffy financial affairs of VVD chairman Keizer.

Mr Henry Keizer was accused of buying a financially strong cooperative undertakers’ organisation for far too little money, pocketing the cooperative society members’ 12 million euros himself. Other prominent VVD politicians are said to have helped Keizer in this.

Today, Keizer had a press conference. However, the Follow the Money journalist was stopped at the door. So was PowNed TV; a right-wing broadcaster, usually pro-VVD; but they had quoted Follow the Money.

It looks like Keizer sees United States President Donald Trump as his example in stopping unwelcome journalists.

From the NOS report (translated):

The Dutch Association of Journalists (NVJ) calls the action ‘unworthy of the VVD’. “This is scandalous,” said Rosa García López of the association. “This should not be possible, this should not be allowed. It is incomprehensible that they do this.” According to the NVJ, the refusal does not work to the benefit of the VVD. “In the end, they only harm themselves.” …

Today, it became known that the Netherlands is ranked second in the worldwide Press Freedom Monitor. “But this is very at odds with that second position,” says García López of the NVJ.

USA: According to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll, 60 percent of those who voted for Trump view the media as their “enemy”.

It is perhaps appropriate that July 4, 2017, Independence Day, should coincide with yet another degrading spectacle exposing the far-reaching rot of American democracy. The past several days have seen a marked escalation of Trump’s conflict with the US media, pitting the fascistic and authoritarian president against a thoroughly corrupt and compromised establishment press: here.

JAKE TAPPER WENT ALL IN ON A BLISTERING REPORT ON TRUMP’S USE OF THE PHRASE ‘FAKE NEWS’ “Almost every single time he’s used that term, the news has been accurate,” Tapper said Monday on CNN during the segment. “It’s just been news he doesn’t like.” [HuffPost]

Trump’s Attorney General Sessions announces crackdown on leakers, threatens reporters: here.

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  13. 12 mei 2020 Vriendjespolitiek is OK

    Drie jaar geleden bracht journalistencollectief ‘Follow the Money’ (FTM) een wel heel lucratieve aankoop aan het licht. De toenmalige VVD-voorzitter Keizer was ook adviseur van de Facultatieve vereniging voor Crematie. Die vereniging bezat een uitvaartbedrijf waarvan Keizer directeur was en dat bedrijf had Keizer in 2012 samen met drie medebestuurders overgenomen. Keizer c.s. betaalden 12,5 miljoen, terwijl het bedrijf € 34 miljoen waard was. Van die 12,5 miljoen kregen de kopers als dividend twaalf miljoen euro terug. Toen FTM dat publiceerde leidde dit tot veel verontwaardiging en tot aangifte van oplichting tegen Keizer en anderen. Het Openbaar Ministerie stelde een onderzoek in, maar laat nu weten dat de zaak wordt geseponeerd – niet alleen die tegen de inmiddels overleden Keizer, maar ook tegen de anderen. Reden: er was geen sprake van oplichting, want de bestuurders van de vereniging hadden er volledig mee ingestemd. Ze gunde hun vriendje wel wat. Wat de leden van de vereniging ervan vonden, dat werd niet gevraagd.



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