Dutch refugee haters’ violent attack on local council

Window smashed by racists in Geldermalsen

On 16 December 2015, the municipal council of Geldermalsen in Gelderland province in the Netherlands met, to discuss whether or not refugees would be housed locally.

A racist mob broke through the police line outside the council building and attacked the building and police officers with rocks, bottles and firebombs.

Two police officers were injured. Fourteen rioters were arrested. The council meeting had to stop because of the violence.

This 16 December 2015 video is about the local council meeting.

Frank Broedelet is a Geldermalsen local councillor for the VVD (a pro-‘free market’, right-wing party). He told NOS radio that he had heard that the attackers came not from Geldermalsen.

Lourens van Bruchem is local councillor of the SGP (a fundamentalist Protestant Christian party). He also thinks that the violent attackers were not local people.

The Dutch neo-nazi party Nederlandse Volksunie, much involved in anti-refugee actions elsewhere, and whose Internet site has expressions of sympathy with the Geldermalsen rioters, including by the party leader, may have been involved in this; as they admitted.

Mr van Bruchem said that a racist had phoned his son. The caller said: ‘If your dad will vote for the plan to house refugees, then we will kill you all’.

Racists have also threatened the life of the mayor, Ms Miranda de Vries. Both Ms de Vries and Mr van Bruchem have notified police about the threats to murder them.

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