Syria bloodshed bloody blowback in London Underground

This video from London, England says about itself:

Brian Eno, Stop the War Coalition, Don’t Bomb Syria Demonstration, 28 11 2015.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Stabbing in London Underground: “This is for Syria!”

5 December 2015, 23:40

A man has attacked several people in the London Underground with a knife. The police sees the incident as a terrorist act. The perpetrator shouted before the attack, according to several eyewitnesses, “This is for Syria, your blood will flow.”

The stabbing seriously injured a man, but his life is not in danger. There are two slightly wounded people as well. …

An eyewitness says that he has seen how the perpetrator attacked people. He stuck his victims with a small knife, the blade was about 8 centimeters long. …

The stabbing incident was around 19:00 (local time) at the metro station Leytonstone, northeast London.

British Prime Minister David Cameron proclaimed days ago that his bombing of Syria, which probably is already killing innocent Syrian civilians right now, would supposedly make the danger of terrorist violence in Britain less. Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said no, the bombing is one more escalation in a cycle of violence. It will make the risk of terrorism in Britain bigger.

Tragically, Jeremy Corbyn turns out to be right within a few days. I wish the people in London speedy recovery from the injuries of this criminal attack. Though the man with the small knife (7 centimeter, according to another report) directly caused their wounds, they were caused indirectly by the man with the big warplanes, David Cameron.

We still hardly know anything about the London Underground perpetrator. We do know that Islamophobic racial discrimination at home mixed with warfare for oil abroad is a toxic mix for Britain. Thousands of times, people have been refused entry to discotheques because of their black hair and brown eyes. Thousands of times, people called Mohamed or Aisha have been refused jobs which they would have got if called John or Jane. The recent Paris massacre became the pretext for attacking innocent London Muslims, in the Underground and elsewhere.

A good reaction to that discrimination would be to help to make the anti-racism movement stronger. A good reaction to the wars for oil in the Middle East would be to make the peace movement stronger. Tragically, people do not always react to problems in a good way. We don’t know yet whether this man in London would have used his small knife only for peeling apples if David Cameron would not have started bloody war on Syria, as the ‘straw’ breaking the camel’s back. But it looks like a possibility.

An Isis sympathiser who went on a bloody rampage at a London Underground station could be given a hospital order rather than a prison sentence because of his mental health. Lawyers representing Muhiddin Mire told the Old Bailey his delusions included the belief that Tony Blair was his “guardian angel”, as part of paranoid schizophrenia dating back several years: here.

10 thoughts on “Syria bloodshed bloody blowback in London Underground

  1. As I see it, this incident had more to do with mental health issues than with ISIS. There are a lot of people in the media and in politics who might profit from bigging this incident up to appear to ne a terrorist attack. There are also plenty of people who are ready to soak this idea up as it feeds their perjudices. We’ll know when the jihadis hit back.


  2. Indeed, it is very possible that this incident had to do with mental health issues. Very probably, this person with a 7-8cm knife was not an ISIS member. However, the war on Syria very probably pushed him over the edge of violence which he might not have perpetrated without Cameron’s war.

    Even if a non-Muslim soldier with PTSD mental health issues commits violence, then Islamophobes abuse it for stoking Islamophobia:


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