British government loves wars, people hate them

This video from England says about itself:

Syed from [pro-refugee organisation] London2Calais at Stop the War rally opposite Parliament, London 2nd December 2015.

By Paddy McGuffin in Britain:

Britain Will Not Forget

Friday 4th November 2015

BRITAIN’S politicians were accused of ignoring the will of the British people in favour of imperialist intervention — yet again — yesterday as RAF bombs fell on Syria.

Within hours of Wednesday’s 397-223 vote to begin air raids against Isis targets, aircraft took off on their first bombing run, to the fury and despair of protesters and peace activists.

The outcome has been labelled “eerily reminiscent” of the 2003 vote on the illegal Iraq invasion.

Responding to Wednesday’s Commons vote in favour of extending bombing campaigns into the civil-war-torn country, Stop the War Coalition chair Andrew Murray and convener Lindsey German said the decision was “profoundly mistaken and dangerous.”

“The Prime Minister made no good case for war,” they said in a joint statement, “and his abuse of those who differ as ‘terrorist sympathisers’ gives a measure of his small-mindedness.

“There is no good case for British air strikes in a war which is already seeing the two major military powers, the US and Russia, bombing Syria.

“A new war will not increase the prospects of peace in Syria, nor will the British people be safer from terrorism. And the record of two years’ bombing of Isis in Iraq shows that it will not be dislodged by a great-power air war.”

Anti-war protesters attending the Stop the War rally also reacted furiously after the vote.

Loud boos erupted from the crowd which had gathered outside the Palace of Westminster to hear the outcome.

Grace Tennant, a student from Birmingham, said: “It is about human lives. It’s a moral argument.

“Britain won’t be safer because of this, we’ll become less safe.”

There were shouts of: “Shame on you” as news of the vote spread through the hundreds-strong crowd.

Protesters held a minute’s silence against the decision to launch a bombing campaign. Many sat down and flicked the peace sign before chanting: “Not in my name.”

Colin Crilly, from London, said: “I’m disappointed but not surprised, it just shows the disconnect between the public and elected officials.

“I fear that this will mean the cycle of violence will just continue.”

CND general secretary Kate Hudson called the vote “a devastating blow” for both innocents who “face a rain of death and destruction from our bombers” and against “our collective humanity and universal principles of peace and justice.”

She told the Star: “What will it take for decision-makers to learn the lessons of the last 14 years of the so-called War on Terror?

“Contrary to media spin, this is not a policy that has majority support at home. Polls indicate that at least half the population are opposed to it, and that opposition is likely to grow as the situation worsens and mission creep sets in.”

Among those who voted in favour were 66 Labour MPs, including shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn.

Also by Paddy McGuffin in Britain:

Anti-fascist fight has its legacy misappropriated

Friday 4th November 2015

SHADOW foreign secretary Hilary Benn’s “specious” evocation of the International Brigades’ heroism as justification for Britain joining the aerial bombardment of Syria provoked outrage yesterday.

Speaking in the Commons on Wednesday night, Mr Benn sought to draw parallels between the fight against fascism in the 1930s and ’40s and the case for further British military action against the Islamic State (Isis) terrorist group.

Mr Benn said: “We are here faced by fascists — not just their calculated brutality, but their belief that they are superior to every single one of us in the chamber tonight, and the people we represent.

“What we know about fascists is that they need to be defeated. It is why, as we have heard tonight, socialists, trade unionists and others joined the International Brigade in the 1930s to fight against Franco.”

His comments angered many who not only queried his definition of fascism but also accused him of exploiting the memory of those who gave their lives to fight the far right during the Spanish civil war and World War II.

Thousands of individuals defied their governments in order to travel to Spain in 1936 to fight in defence of the Spanish republic against the fascist troops of General Francisco Franco.

Speaking in a personal capacity, International Brigade Memorial Trust trustee Pauline Fraser hit out at Mr Benn for seeking to use a “just war” to justify his position.

“There is absolutely no comparison between the volunteers who defied their government to try to save the Spanish republic and those who fought fascism in World War II and the bombing of Syria by Western imperialist powers, which will not be helpful in solving the problem and means that many civilians will be killed,” she said.

13 thoughts on “British government loves wars, people hate them

  1. Friday 4th December 2015

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    POP stars Little Mix caused a social media stir yesterday when the group came out against Britain bombing Syria vote.

    Band member Jade Thirlwall shared Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s sombre statement on the outcome of Wednesday’s parliamentary debate, adding the words: “Truly saddened and ashamed by the vote tonight. So, so sorry to the innocent people of Syria.”

    Her tweet amassed a whopping 3,900 shares in the first 12 hours of going up.

    The group was not alone, with celebrities including Stephen Fry, Charlotte Church, James Corden and Brian May also standing up for peace on public media.

    Former Gavin & Stavey actor Mr Corden posted a video of the late Tony Benn on Twitter saying: “I can’t stop thinking about this speech today.

    “How we could use a voice like this in the House of Commons today.”


  2. Cameron, America, Russia, France, Australia, and Israel, are all in the trough for one thing what is in it for them? Britain now a withering power has to flex its muscles to show the world it is a world power? and not after death shivers of a warm corpse? Russia needs a Mediterranean port, and so on anything other than compassion for those living a hell in Syria, who are people just wanting to get on with their life with dignity?


  3. Saturday 5th December 2015

    posted by Joana Ramiro in Britain

    THE thousands expected to march against war will overcome the government, according to leading anti-war campaigner Lindsey German.

    In the wake of Wednesday’s Commons vote for air strikes on Syria, the Stop the War convener said campaigners would “beat the government over this.”

    Her words were followed by protests, rallies and vigils all across Britain, from Falmouth to Inverness. She added that Labour MPs who voted for air strikes were “acting against the interests of their constituents, against the interests of Labour members, against the interests of everybody in the country that wants peace.”

    To MPs, she said: “This war and its consequences will be on your conscience and you will not the be able to escape from the consequences of this war.”

    In Leeds Stop the War campaigners marched to shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn’s surgery in protest at the MP’s passionate speech for war. The protests came after a rude email from Hyndburn MP Graham Jones to a Labour voter was leaked on the internet.

    Mr Jones, who voted in favour of intervention in Syria, called gym worker Sam Grove’s anti-war plea a “load of bollocks.”

    Mr Grove had sent a general email asking undecided Labour MPs to vote against a motion that would see the “death of tens maybe hundreds of people on their hands.”

    He told the Star that Mr Jones’s reply left him “initially quite shocked. “It took me aback how aggressive it was.

    “I couldn’t work out why he got so angry. I don’t have much faith in politicians, that they hold common people probably in very high regard.”


    • The labor party is infiltrated by right wing conservatives and those who are there for the benefit of themselves and what rorts they can get out of the system whilst they can, they have long ago buried conscience that when any one is moved by conscience it is such a unnatural phenomena that it seems perverse rather than the other way around.


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