Many Dutch people help refugees

In this 25 November 2015 video, a marching band welcomes refugees to Nijmegen city in the Netherlands.

This video is the sequel.

Lisa van der Velden reports in Dutch daily De Volkskrant of 1 December 2015 about refugees.

More new volunteers for helping refugees have registered in recent months than refugees arrived then in the Netherlands. Organisations have waiting lists for some of these volunteers.

47,000 new volunteers joined the two biggest organisations helping refugees. Many others joined smaller organisations.

There is more both good and bad news about refugees in the Netherlands.

Saskia, Nicolette and Linda Knobbe

The good news, from today, 2 December 2015, is that three sisters, Saskia, Nicolette and Linda Knobbe, pictured from left to right on this photo, have together bought a house in Zoetermeer town for a refugee family from Pakistan. The father of that family was a journalist who had to flee because of threats to his life. Today, the refugee family will get the key for their home. They are very happy.

The sisters encourage others to do likewise to house refugees.

Their Internet site is here.

The bad news is these three sisters got death threats by racists for buying that home.

[Republican politician] Ben Carson says refugees can’t come to the United States of America because its racism will make them terrorists: here.

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