Stop bombing Syria, London demonstration

This video from Britain says about itself:

Join STOP THE WAR demonstrations

28 November 2015

Next national demonstration against the bombing of SyriaSATURDAY 12 DECEMBER. Join the ongoing protests in town and city centres around the country. #DontBombSyria Show Cameron you oppose another senseless bloody costly war.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

Stop the War hits back ahead of rally

Saturday 12th December 2015

Group points to history of being proved right on British wars

DESPITE being targeted for a “hurricane of malicious attacks,” Stop the War will bring thousands to the streets of London today for a second mass demonstration against the Syrian air strikes.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was one of several political figures harangued by right-wing media sources over the last week for his longtime support of the campaign.

Wolverhampton North East MP Emma Reynolds insisted yesterday that her leader should not attend the organisation’s events because it stood against the party’s values.

Ms Reynolds was a supporter of rightist Blairite Kendall (who got only 4% of the votes) in the Labour leadership election. She claimed that Corbyn, who won with 60% of the votes, should not have been allowed to be a candidate at all. She used to be a lobbyist for Big Business at the European Union in Brussels; and was Special Adviser of fellow Blairite Geoff Hoon (later sacked because of corruption).

But Stop the War chairman Andrew Murray hit back at a fundraising dinner, saying: “Stop the War has faced a hurricane of malicious attacks in recent weeks, largely as a proxy means of trying to undermine Jeremy Corbyn.

These attacks serve only to distract from the government’s crumbling case for war in Syria — and the fact that our movement has been proved right in its campaigns against the disastrous conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

“Stop the War has nothing to apologise for and much to be proud of.”

The event, which Mr Corbyn attended despite calls to do otherwise, also saw musician Brian Eno and actress Francesca Martinez attend.

Today’s demonstration will see an expected 10,000 people march from outside BBC Broadcasting House on Portland Place to Downing Street.

Stop the War convener Lindsey German argued that a continued campaign was absolutely necessary after Chancellor George Osborne’s comments that the air strikes had given Britain “its mojo back.”

“He’s made it very clear what this is all about,” she added.

“It’s about Britain having a place at the table with the other great powers.

“We think there’s no other justification for it at all.”

Calais aid group London2Calais organiser Syed Bokhari told the Star he would be attending the march because the group was “opposed to all imperialist intervention in Syria.

“Britain should be using its resources to welcome refugees into our society, not dropping bombs on Syria while simultaneously locking out refugees from the region.”

Fellow anti-war protester Sequoyah De Souza Vigneswaren said he came down from Leeds because “we have a moral duty to oppose the war crimes that are committed for strategic national-interest in our names.

“It is not just our right, but our obligation to hold our imperial elites to account.

“It is the very least we should do if we actually believe in the values of internationalism, peace and social justice.”

A report on today’s London demonstration is here.

As Downing Street brags of its ‘intense RAF activity’ over Syria, FELICITY ARBUTHNOT examines the machismo and militarism which led to this: here.

Following the mass killings in France, the British government has achieved its wish to join the air campaign against Isis in Syria. Ian Sinclair asks campaigners and academics to analyse the crisis: here.

A gathering of Syrian Al Qaeda-linked militias and exile politicians convened by the Saudi monarchy in Riyadh concluded Friday with the adoption of a joint agreement but with little clarity as to who was supporting it and even less on what purpose it will serve in furthering the stated aim of a negotiated end to Syria’s bloody civil war: here.

German army begins military intervention in Syria: here.

16 thoughts on “Stop bombing Syria, London demonstration

  1. Blair recently stated because we did not go into Syria this is now the outcome as opposed to our intervention in Iraq, Syria is now in a state of destruction as a result of Blair going into Iraq.


    • The umpteenth pro-war lie by Blair. Blair advocates sending British ground troops to Iraq and Syria as well. And in 2013, he advocated attacking Syria making Britain de facto allies of ISIS and other jihadis.


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  5. BRITISH bombing in Iraq and Syria has continued at “high intensity” over Christmas, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) said yesterday.

    A campaign bulletin claimed that RAF jets launched air strikes against Islamic State (Isis) targets on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. …

    But Stop the War Coalition’s Chris Nineham dismissed precision bombing as a “myth.”

    He said: “Hundreds of civilians have already been killed by Western bombing in Syria.

    “British bombing will only increase the number of casualties and stoke up anger against the West.”


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