Britons demonstrate against war on Syria

This video from London, England says about itself:

Imran HussainDon’t bomb Syria – December 1st 2015

1 December 2015

A demonstration in Parliament Square, London, followed by a protest march. Organised by Stop The War Coalition. Protesting to insist MP’s vote against the UK governments newly proposed attacks against Syria.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

Thousands tell Benn: Not in our name

Monday 7th November 2015

Protesters launch rallies against Syria bombing

SHADOW foreign secretary Hilary Benn faced angry protesters at the weekend as thousands marched up and down the country against air strikes in Syria.

Protesters targeted Mr Benn’s own Leeds Central constituenc, where they accused the MP of risking thousands of lives.

Leeds Coalition Against War member Nick Jones praised the protesters for putting Mr Benn under the spotlight following his pro-bombing speech in Parliament.

He told the Star: “People were concerned that the bombing would lead to the loss of innocent lives, increased terrorist threat and bring us no nearer to a peaceful settlement in the area.”

He added that “every one present understood the threat that Isis poses and urged Benn to make sure the UK does all it can to welcome refugees fleeing foreign bombing and Isis terror.”

In London, a Stop the War coalition rally saw Green Party leader Natalie Bennett speak out against the government’s decision.

Ms Bennett said she was disappointed that some MPs had not yet learned the lessons of the interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

She said: “What we need to do is go out in mass numbers again, to rally again, to campaign again, to tell them very clearly: Not in our name.”

In Scotland, more than 100 people braved Storm Desmond to attend a rally in Glasgow, where union leaders called Labour rebels “barbarians” for siding with the Tory government over Syria.

Unison Scotland deputy convener Stephen Smellie addressed protesters waving placards reading: “Don’t Bomb Syria.”

Mr Smellie said: “What is being done in our name is not in our name.”

5 thoughts on “Britons demonstrate against war on Syria

  1. Monday 7th December 2015

    posted by Morning Star in Editorial

    THE last thing Britain’s rulers desire is the kind of extraparliamentary activity that produces a lively, informed and questioning electorate.

    They understand that the huge campaign against the Iraq war created the atmosphere that defeated the first parliamentary motion to bomb Syria. Widespread distrust of politicians and intelligence chiefs almost derailed the second.

    Mass political and industrial action against austerity helped sweep anti-war and anti-cuts campaigner Jeremy Corbyn to victory in the Labour leadership election.

    His position at the head of the main parliamentary opposition party has deeply rattled the capitalist class, its hired politicians and its bought and owned mass media.

    They see the real danger to their interests presented by a socialist leader who puts people before corporate profit, who believes that key industries and services should be in public ownership and who wants to see a society characterised by social justice.

    Worst of all, from the standpoint of the rich and powerful, Corbyn understands and opposes imperialism — the big business profit system whose tentacles threaten not only workforces and local communities but whole countries, regions and the planet itself.

    That’s why he consistently opposes wars for business, military and geopolitical interests. It’s the motivation for his sceptical view of the European Union and his outright opposition to Britain’s membership of Nato.

    That’s also the main why Britain’s ruling class can never afford to let him become the prime minister of a left government backed by a militant, politicised mass movement.

    It would be the kind of nightmare scenario envisaged in the Communist Party’s programme, Britain’s Road to Socialism.

    So it should not come as a surprise that the ferocious media offensive against Corbyn and his closest allies is now being extended to the movements whose campaigners have given him so much support.

    The pretext is the bullying and intimidation aimed at Labour MPs who voted for overt British military intervention in Syria last week.

    There have been a few death threats which Corbyn, like the Morning Star, condemns without reservation, but which also appear to have no connection to anyone in the Labour Party. Certainly, these are no more part of the repertoire of the left in Britain than they are of pacifists anywhere.

    A peaceful, respectable and family-friendly march led by Christian and Muslim clerics from the local mosque to the constituency office of Walthamstow Labour MP Stella Creasy has been widely misrepresented as a thuggish attack on the MP’s private home.

    Ken Livingstone is traduced for pointing out that Labour Party rules permit disaffected members to change their parliamentary candidate. The Stop the War Coalition is denounced for … campaigning to stop the war.

    In reality, most of the bullying is being done by media pundits who want to return to the old politics, where they dictate the terms of debate on behalf of their paymasters to a misinformed and passive public.

    They want Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell to expel Labour Party members in Walthamstow and excommunicate or cut their own links with the People’s Assembly, Stop the War, Livingstone and left-wing groups such as Momentum. Meanwhile, right-wing groups and anti-Corbyn MPs would be free to continue their generously publicised anti-socialist crusade.

    The Labour Party and labour movement should respond by uniting around Corbyn and telling the anti-Labour media to take a running jump.


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